What was the last CD you purchased?

  1. Come on, fess up! Was it hip hop, rock or country? What was the last CD you bought?:wondering
  2. omgoodness.......i think it's been nearly 8 years since i bought a CD.....i think my last one was mariah :shame:
  3. classical - i'm a mozart freak :shame:
  4. back to bedlam, james blunt.
  5. OMG are you spending THAT much money on handbags?:amazed:
  6. lol nononono :lol:........i'm just incredibly lazy and my boyfriend sends me all my music so i have everything stored on my computer.......besides i'm always losing CD's :P.......
  7. :nuts: :nuts:
  8. I just signed up with BMG.. I got several Michael Buble cds, Kelly C. (from American Idol).. and hmm, oh yeah, Il Divo...
  9. I just bought Tim Mcgraws greatest hits - volume 2 to send to my hubby overseas!
  10. Military?
  11. Last CD I bought was for a soundtrack of a Japanese movie.
  12. The last CD i got was the soundtrack of "grey's anatomy"
  13. Irishgal,
    Yes - my hubby is in the Navy. Are you military?
  14. No, dad was, 3 star AF.. God bless your husband and keep him safe and bring him home soon...thoughts with you sweetie!!
  15. umm, Fall Out Boy "From under the cork tree":shame:
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