What was the first thing you said?

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  1. I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about this and the more I talked to other moms the more interesting the answers got.

    What was the very first thing out of your mouth when you first saw your baby? I remember looking at her round little face and I just said the first thing that popped into my head: "She has brown eyes!" LOL. She actually doesn't. A few hours later I looked and they were blue (they're now blue/green) :roflmfao: Seriously... I had just been through 24+ hours of labor and delivery when they placed a wet, squirmy baby in my arms. I doubt I was thinking very coherently. :p

    One of my friends said "He doesn't have any teeth!" when her son was born. For some reason she thought he'd have teeth. :nuts:

    So, what was your first impression upon meeting your little bundle of joy?
  2. "Oh my God"...then I cried.:smile:
  3. "Oh my God"...crying as well and for the first time in my life believing that miracles reallydo occur. I was very overcome and it was the first "religious" experience (or whatever) I ever had in my life. I have never felt that powerful of emotions ever. It was definitely amazing.
  4. I said "Hi Ashley" and blubbered and cried. Then I said "Thank you, God, thank you."
  5. I am not trying to make fun of your friend, but that is hilarious!:roflmfao:

  6. On My, LoL Thats funny :roflmfao:
  7. My sister is 11 years older than me and the first time she saw me asked if I was her new brother, and mum said "no, she's a little girl"... my sister (apparently) looked at me as if I was something that should be scraped from her shoes and said "SEND IT BACK"!!!!
  8. My son was 4 weeks early and needed oxygen when he came out, so I was extremely panicked and just kept crying "is he okay, is he okay" while they worked on him. They didn't even show him to me, and of course that's to be expected, it was more important that they get to work on him asap!!!

    When I was finally able to hold him and really look at him the first thing that I said (while speaking to my husband) was that he had my husband's eyes. My husband has a very distinct eye shape that his father and both of his brothers have and that's the first thing I noticed.
  9. Same thing with me too!!! I asked.. "Why isn't he crying????" and then I continued to freak out.
  10. I didnt say anything. I remember thinking OMG she is sooooo little, but she looks ok, I need to rest. When the nurse tried to hand her to me I told her just give her to my husband, I'm too tired. The nurse goes "oh (Long pause) ok, here you go dad." :wtf:
  11. I think I said "Look at her tiny hands" :biggrin: Dh kept thanking everyone in the room :p
  12. I didn't say a word.. I'm not a mum yet (TTC :p)

    I was wondering what my Mum said when I was born.. Still don't know - have to ask! - but apparently she didn't even look at my face and immediately took my feet and started counting my toes :roflmfao: I guess she was scared some were missing.. She did the same with my brother's hands :rolleyes:
  13. OKay confession time~ This is going to sound really bad but I said....

    "Is he ugly?"

    I couldn't help it, I was so concerned that he would be ugly...it was sooooooo quiet in the surgery room you could have heard a mouse fart.:wtf:

    He wasn't the cutest baby right off the bat (I am honest about that) but after a week he started to look better...here he was, once he looked better:nuts: after a few days and him now...:heart:
    100_0095.JPG 100_0096.JPG 0812 048.jpg
  14. ^^ LOL! Don't worry, you're not the only one. Another girlfriend of mine had this same fear with her little boy. After he filled out and lost that "new baby" look (took about a week) he was a doll.
  15. I didn't say it.....I thought it...

    "Thank goodness he's a boy. It wouldn't matter so much because he looks so ugly!"