What was the first handbag you really saved $$ for?

  1. I hope this isn't copying anyone else's thread - I thought it might be fun:yahoo:

    I'll start - LV monogram pochette accessories (my graduation gift to myself - I was so excited!)

    And now I can't stop...
  2. Coach signature optic ladybug hobo....really cute for spring/summer!
  3. All were presents until now.
  4. My mono speedy
  5. same
  6. LV mono speedy
  7. come to think of it , I have never really saved $$ for a purse , whenerver I had some extra cash, I'd threw on a purse I liked at the moment . None of my purses is worth more then $ 700 though
  8. Speedy 40
  9. a Luella Giselle, in lilac :blush:
  10. I've never saved for a purse. I don't really save for things. If I see something I like and can afford it/rationalize buying it, I buy it. I hardly ever plan to purchase something. I'm more of an impulse shopper. Never know what I will like until I see it in person.

    I'll probably save for a birkin though.... Maybe I will make that a birthday present for myself....
  11. My LV speedy. I wrapped up a shoe box under the CHristmas tree and cut a hole in the top. Everyday I put my spare change and money that I had made from babysitting in there, and within 3 weeks I had enough for my speedy and then some :biggrin:
  12. my first LV
  13. LV Speedy 30
  14. My wine-colored Stella from Fall 2003.
  15. my balenciaga purse
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