What was the first designer bag you ever brought?

  1. Mine was a blue LV denim pleaty, is small and oh so cute, I still love it.
  2. coach legacy clip hobo, followed shortly after by my LV croissant, then lots more coach, lv, burberry, ohh the list goes onnnnn :love:
  3. My first was a tan Coach leather duffel and I still have it. I use it once in a while but I'll always keep it.
  4. My first designer bag was.. my Chloe Paddington, (only because Chloe is my name!)
  5. I didn't buy it - but it was a Bally sling back pack - first designer purse I bought myself was a Coach.
  6. A black monogram gucci back in 1999! I still have it. I don't wear it but it's fun to look at and reminisce.
  7. LV petit noe
  8. a monogram lv speedy 30.
  9. I guess it would be a D&B tassel tote!
  10. I had a DB in junior high about 1988. My first really expensive designer bag was a LV bucket.
  11. LV speedy!
  12. A small Coach. Then a Mooroo a few months later, then a Longchamp.
  13. A Prada nylon tote in mustard.
  14. Louis Vuitton monogram musette tango.
  15. Coach patchwork hampton.