What was the "color of your 1st b bag" and why?

  1. My original choice was black but it was sold out so I settled for the only one left which is a VEINY TRUFFLE which turned out to be my favorite b-bag after all. Veiny really suits the Truffle color.

    How about you girls?
  2. Mine was blue india. I love the color but I decided to sell it because I don't love the style which is a box. I would love to buy a blue india city but don't have the $$ right now.
  3. My first bbag was in pewter and reason it was my first is because it was the first colour that made my heart beat and my eyes widen. Pewter is the reason I noticed and fell in love with balenciaga!
  4. Rouge Theatre - outstanding neutral!
  5. skyblue :biggrin: always been a blue kinda girl...
  6. I saw a gorgeous one at NM's yesterday. The color is so much better and vibrant in person. :yes:
  7. Mine was Eggplant City....then for cash reasons I had to sell it and am still grieving till today....'nuff said <boohoohoo boohoohoo>
  8. 04 Red First....why? well, it was an 04 Red First! ;)

  9. Aww...misspiggy, that sale must come back to haunt you everytime you see one of those jems come up on the forum! :sad:
  10. 04' lilac, loved the color:love:
  11. My first b-bag was a cornflower blue city. I sold it because I did not think the city shape complimented me; now I love that style.
  12. Sky Blue was my first color...made my heart skip a beat everytime I saw it. I have a City in this color and use it everyday.
  13. Cornflower because I wanted a colorful bag and not a neutral. I wanted blueberry foremost, but there was a cornflower bag I won on eBay for a good price.
  14. Blue India is my first. Marine is my best! (both are blue)
  15. mine was a red metallic mini twiggy.
    because the colour's just gorgeous... but then the bag's too small for me. so i sold it :p