what was the big line at NYC Macy's?

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  1. Yesterday Saturday Jan24th, my sister saw a line of 1000 people in front of nyc Macy's store around 1pm. Does anyone know what it was?
  2. Sorry, but this isn't a deal or a steal!
  3. i think it's bc of the free cosmetics thing. bc of some lawsuit settlement (not sure of exact details), macy's, nordies and other dept stores have to give out free cosmetics. my aunt got herself a free CK bodywash after standing in line for 1/2 hr. all you have to do is fill out some form.
  4. Yes, Saks, Macys, Bloomingdales (plus maybe others) were all giving out one free makeup item to anyone who claimed to have purchased a full price make up item at that store during a specific date range. It was part of a lawsuit....
  5. I wandered through the mall-stopped at Dillards and got a free Calvin Klein bottle of body wash, then went home through Macys and got a full size jar of Clinique moisturizer...no wait at all! :rolleyes:
  6. Well on JAN 24th, Macy's had:

    Hugo Boss Pure and GQ will cure your winter blues!
    Winter weather got you down ? Well come on in from the cold on Saturday, January 24 beginning at 2pm and join us in the Men's Department on 3 for an exclusive gallery preview featuring images of some of GQ's hottest women in film over the past 50 years. Plus, go mano a mano with the style guys from GQ, sample some great imported beer* and hors d'oeuvres and with your qualifying BOSS PURE fragrance purchase, score a Macy Gift Card valued at $25 **
    *must be 21 years of age or older to sample; **while supplies last
  7. it was definitely the free makeup thing...I didn't even bother though with those lines...I went straight to Saks for the 80% deals :smile:
  8. Please only post DEALS & STEALS in this forum.
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Not open for further replies.