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  1. deal you've ever gotten on a bag?

    Shopping for bags is one of my guiltiest pleasure, so it's completely gratifying when I can find a great bag I love at a great price. So what's the best deal you've gotten??? I know there must be some good stories out there, especially seeing all the uproar on here about the Aloha Rag Chloe sale!

    p.s. I'm a newbie here, and I've gotten so much great advice/information from reading all of your posts, so thanks!!! I'm so addicted! My boyfriend just told me the other day that it seems like I'm cheating on him with the Purse Forum!
  2. I've gotten some Goldenbleus severely discounted at a sample sale, including a clutch for $50! I got a Marni bag for 65% off...came to $400 something... 50% off a Chloe Edith Conteen and a Marc Jacobs quilted tote way before they were supposed to go on sale. Hehe I can't say no to a good bargain!
  3. And :roflmfao: to cheating on boyfriend with tPF! It only gets worse :heart:
  4. The best deal was a Kooba Renee for $109.00, $116.63 with tax. I already have one and love it! Then my 21 yr. old niece saw mine and fell in love too, so I have been on a constant search to find one for her. Thus, my recent lucky find for her. I paid alot more for mine but I was thrilled to find one that I could afford for her. She will be thrilled, too!
  5. I got a Coach pouch that retailed for 98 bucks for 48.00 (including shipping).
  6. I don't buy many bags, so the best deal I have gotten is probably the deal I got on my current favorite bag by Donna Karan. It retailed for $850. I paid $595. Sure it was only 30% off, but it made me happy. Right now, Net-a-Porter is offering a Mulberry Joni for $597 (it retailed for $995). I am SERIOUSLY tempted.
  7. I got a Fendi Spy a few months after it first came out for less than half price, I think it was right at $900. The bag was so new that the lady in the shop didn't ebven know what she had!
    I also got a beautiful Fendi baguette for $50, and those are probably my 2 best deals!!
  8. A very large shoulder bag, both sides consisting of exceptionally fine old school style hand-done4 Sindh embroidery for $3.99 plus $4 to ship - It was a new eBay seller trying to get his numbers up, I was maybe his second customer.
  9. A Cole Haan Black Alexa Satchel that retailed for close to $400 on a clearance rack at Marshalls that was marked down to $49.00. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the bag. Leather smelled new and strong. I changed the bag I was wearing into that baby right in the parking lot!!
  10. I got an isabella fiore tote for $7, Kate spade messenger for $5, and then MJ Polina for $125, and numerous other great deals.. I won't list because you gals will get mad at me....
  11. Where do you shop, thithi??
  12. i've gotten several awesome deals off ebay on authentic bags. i got a brand new LV lexington pochette for $375, and it's origanlly $620 before tax (and we all know LV never goes on sale!).

    and at the store, i've also gotten 50% off a couple of my gucci bags, and a marc jacobs faridah bag for $180 (originally $428).
  13. my beloved damier papillon 30 for $300 (retail $875), perfect condition, authenticated by LV!
  14. My Furla leather white bag with multicoloured stripes at 74.00 € and my Burberry Cinda leather bag at 220.00 € (retailed at 600.00)
  15. I love to see great bargain stories!!! I'm so envious of all of your great steals...

    My best deal was a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 in monogram canvas that a friend who worked at LV picked up for me at their employee's damage sale. Only paid about $125!!! The best part was, I couldn't find anything noticeably wrong with it (which is fine with me!) :yahoo: