What was the best deal you have ever got on a Prada or miu miu?

  1. I love accidental sales. My best deal ever was a Prada envelop bag at Last Call of Neiman Marcus for $47, :yahoo:2 years ago. I bought two of them, and I hate myself for not buying the 3rd and last one!
  2. Oh how lucky you!!! My good deal was a black prada saffiano wallet for $230 no tax at bluefly. about 35% off original.
  3. Do gifts count? If so, that would be my Prada dress and this season's Tessuto rose purse from DH.

    On my own own, I would say that my best deal was on a Miu Miu vitello lux small satchel for about $500, 50% off its regular price. :nuts:
  4. White Prada Nappa Gauffre Bowler for $1,100.00 at Overstock!
  5. Miu MIu Nappa Matelasse small, 100pounds ( $200 ), quarter of the price at Harvey Nichols London because a ring was missing on handle.....took it to Miu Miu and they sent it off to Italy for a free repair :tup:
  6. My best Prada deal ever came from the factory outlet in Italy. It's a black tote bag - I think it was called the buckle tote (black nylon with leather straps and silver buckles and snaps on the sides). It was on the NM website for around $865 and I found it at the outlet for 160 euros (back when the euro was about $1.40). I've overstuffed it and schlepped it all over the world and it still looks brand new. :smile:
  7. No really good deals on bags but I got a red gauffre wallet on bf for only $360'ish I think? It's not the best deal but I just loved the wallet so much, I figured it was better than paying retail.
  8. Prada embossed wallet for $99 and Miu Miu Coffer for $1025
  9. I got a Miu miu bow satchel in ivory for $680 at Neiman Marcus in November. :smile:
  10. Just yesterday I got a Prada leather saffiano wallet in a crosshatch for $200 :tup:. Bluefly had a one day sale yesterday so I got an extra 15% off plus I used a $30 coupon code from another tpfer in the Deals & Steals thread.
  11. Last year I found my dream, the Prada Canapa Stampata bag at their sample sale last summer. I also found a $5000 beaded tie dye silk dress marked down to $900 and it was in my size! Er, and there were some skirts I picked up for $100, too. That was a fine sale and I can't wait for this year's.
  12. I got MIU MIU ST. COCCO TOTE for 340 pound last week!! :yahoo:
  13. I got my first Prada on sale in 2005 (the black logo frame one) for 425 euros and my second only yesterday, the glace calf with the zippers underneath, also in the sale for 450 euros. I think that's pretty good, considering they were both 50% off.
  14. my coffer, for £420 (around $840) on a sale by this store called flannels in the UK. They were also selling a snakeskin coffer for £700 (around $1400) but not really my style so left it...
  15. I just got a glace zippers tote in black for $519 USD.