What was the best deal you ever got off Ebay?

  1. I want to know what was the best deal or steal that you ever got off eBay for something LV.

    I have not gotten any deals off eBay but I sold a good deal.
    My feedback is in the 20's and two years ago i got some negative feedback so I guess that makes people weary when I sell things on eBay.

    I sold a mini monogram cles purse in cherry and the winning bid was $35 which was in my opinion an absolute steal!!! Granted it was kinda dirty and the chain broke off but still a good price I think.

    Bad part of story: this was sold in December and I am still waiting for feedback from this guy :yucky: I dont think he has been on ebay since. I was his last positive feedback.

  2. i got a mono speedy 25 for 150 about 2 years ago.
  3. WOW that is awesome!! How come may I ask? Was it stained or the seller new? Because that seems to be the only way to get stuff a little below what everyone else is selling it for
  4. well it was preloved. it was missing the zipper pull but it only cost me 25 dollars to add it. the handles are pretty dark but the condition is great, she took amazing care of it. even the SAs at lv were impressed.

    i don;t know how i lucked out. she generally sold marc jacobs i think. she's not a big seller. and i think the pics were not that great.
  5. $150 for a marshmallow mallory square. Actually, most of my bags were pretty good deals ... $300 for a bronze reade PM, $300 for a blue houston (off ebay though).
  6. $360 for a red/cream CB pochette in nearly new condition:yahoo:
  7. :nuts: O...M...G... :nuts:
  8. My best deal is the bag I recieved last week from the US, my black Le Talentueux for US$1000 or approx AU$1300. I also got the porte-tresor international wallet in black suhali here in OZ for AU$384 or approx US$302. Both do not have a mark, scratch or any signs of use.
  9. My best deals (to me) were from Livejournal.
    I got a brand new never used Panda Pochette for $290
    and a Panda cles/extender for $73
  10. Hmmm... pretty much a lot of my 2nd hand bags were good deals!

    I got my Batignolles regular for $350, which is a great price. Vachetta a tad dirty, but that's okay!
    I got my Recoleta for $256.
    I got my Recital for $202.

  11. I got a excellent shape Marley PERFECT shape with the best patina for $200! it retails for $620!
  12. My best steal on eBay was a Silver Vernis Christie bag that is still one of my favorites and is in flawless condition..........ready for this?.............$300!!!

    I also won a Silver Vernis Thompson Street that is in great condition, too for only $237.

    I love a good bargain! Don't you all? :o)
  13. OMG! A Panda Cles for only $73 :nuts: I am already digging thru LiveJournal.com right now. Where should I look? :search:
  14. WOW I would die. That bag is worth so much more esp in the color that you have it in :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. I second this!