what was the 1st motorcycle bag like?

  1. do any of you gals have this bag or know what it looks like (?) ...i think it was called the "le dix motorcycle classique" or something like that :smile:...i'd love to see pictures if anyone has one!!!
  2. I'm pretty certain MiMi has one.
  3. If Im not mistaken it looks exactly like the classique now but with flat brass studs.
  4. ^^yes, byMiMi just got one. It's very beautiful. There somewhere a thread about it
  5. ^^I just saw that hatikuh found it first:biggrin:
  6. Yeah!!!! I have it!!! I love it.....!!!!! :love:

    there are lots of different variations, the leather is MUCH thicker, very vintage looking - the hardware is totally different, the strap is longer, and actually the size is just a hint bigger than the classiques/first that followed :smile:

    If you have any specific questions, I'd be more than happy to answer!
  7. gee, thanks so much for your reply byMiMi :smile: ...i'm wondering if there were different styles from yours too..."Loehmann's" was carrying some a few years ago & they were this size, but with 2 inside compartments...they also had longer shoulder straps, but didn't have the trademark b-bag hardware in front...i'm wondering now about whether they were authentic or not :wondering
  8. Mims, do you know when they started making the City size?

    edit: never mind, I just found the answer in your post, MiMi :yes:
  9. No problem aaa! I actually have one of those Loehmann's bags... they're like an 'unidentified bag' lol. Supposedly they are not authentic, but no one really knows for sure. If they are authentic, it's definitely a lower-end version of Balenciaga... honestly, I'm not sure what to think at this point, my theory is either they were licensed before the moto bag came out and Balenciaga really took off, or they are fake - because they just do not compare to the le dix AT ALL.
  10. hehe yay! yeah, spring/summer 2003 for anyone wondering..... ;)
  11. for those who don't know, we had already declared the official name of the 01 le dix with flat brass... "the mimi".;)
  12. ^ :lol: :heart: :lol:

    (it was over at tfs, and because i had wanted it soooooo bad but couldnt find 'the one'!) finally, i have my mimi ;)

    heheheh! love you e!
  13. thanks again for your reply byMiMi :smile: ...i'm glad i'm not imagining those bags or anything...i remember seeing them up on e-bay & even seeing them on other girls around nyc...i haven't seen any in a few years though & had always wondered if they were real...i wonder if a balenciaga SA would know for sure...it's all very mysterious :rolleyes: