what was that kate spade bag?

  1. i was in boston with my girlfriend a few months ago, maybe august, and we went to the kate spade store on newbury street. there was a kate spade clutch bag there that she absolutely loved and i want to get her it from christmas.

    i can't find it on the kate spade website, nor on eBay, or anywhere else, so i'm hoping someone can help me find it.

    here's what i remember:
    it was a clutch bag like i said, but it also had a concealed strap so you could turn it into a wristlet bag.
    it was pink
    i am not sure of the material, but i think it was shiney.... i.e., not a fabric.
    i think the price was high $200's or low $300's
    and like i said, it was in the store in mid to late summer this year.

    any ideas?
  2. could it be the kensington jocelyn?


    the shiny fabric is probably nylon:confused1:
  3. thanks for the suggestion, i had seen that one but that's not it.

    the closest i have found is the pasadena, but i don't think that one turns into a wristlet, and it doesn't look quite right.
  4. Call Kate Spade directly - they can help you with finding it even if it's not available.
  5. well, i found out what the purse is. it's the peggy, with the pink exterior and red interior. kate spade doesn't have it any more. can't even find it on eBay. any ideas?