What was that Japanese site that sells Chanel again?

  1. It had alot of good pics of new stock, I did a search on the forum but couldn't find it :sad:

    I got these pics from it:
  2. YES that's it thanks so much!
  3. wow everything's a lot more expensive...
  4. Authentic?

    Do they have English customer service?? LOL
  5. It's authentic. It's a consignment shop that sell both new and old branded bags.
    You may find that they might not understand english very well. From memory there is a Japanese site that helps you buy things in Japan but with commission.
  6. Thanks for the great sites! It is worth it just to check out the pics!!
  7. has anyone actually purchased from these sites? i always worry if they are truly authentic. thanks!
  8. Is it just me that can't make out a single thing? I see all kinds of goodies but how the heck would I get them?? :sad:
  9. I also can't understand a thing! It is nice to look at the pics, but how would i ask questions? How would I contact them?