What WAS that fab bag?!

  1. Don't have a pic, but today I saw a woman carrying a black bag that I thought was a Bal Harbour, but upon looking at pics of that online when I got home, realized it wasn't. Not sure... perhaps a Karen? It had that neat chain that has the larger circle type links, and was a frame bag... closed like a Stam. Suede interior. I think it was a blue/gray interior color. Anyone know what it was? It was smooth leather... not quilted, not python. Help! It was to die for!
  2. Hmmm... maybe it was a Black Karen. I could have sworn it had a pocket/slit across the front and a suede interior. (You know me... I was taking in every detail, especially since it was a bag I'd never seen in person!) Maybe my awe blurred my vision. (Ha ha)
  3. Wow that sounds amazing.. I don't know of any blue suede interior bags out right now.... I need to see this bag!
  4. wooo i like the BAL HARBOUR Karen. thi thi have u held it in person? is it as heavy as the stam?
  5. =) BagHound, I can't think right now too.
    My good friend and I were shown Resort 06's leather Karen bag when it just arrived in the store last november; Karen was only made in Python for Fall/Winter. We thought the opening was very small for this big bag, we can see problems getting things in and out of the bag.

    I will see if I can find the bag you are referring to when I stop by the boutique. Will get back to you. =)
  6. Bubble, I adore this bag! I can fit it over my shoulder or carry it as a satchel, but it's really heavy, I think heavier than a stam because of the chain. Of course, the good thing is that the chain is detachable. The weight is the only thing that is holding me back from buying this bag.
  7. ^ heavier than the stam! yikes. that's out for me. I hear you about the weight problem, that keeps me away from alot of lovely bags as well! blame it on my bad shoulder =P grrr

    it is sooo pretty though. i really like it =)
  8. Bag hound- There isn't a bag that has a kiss-lock closure with blue suede lining. It seems like that woman might have been carrying a fake! =0( Sorry to burst your bubble.
  9. I think more likely that I was incorrect about the suede lining. I was inches away from this bag, and would be stunned if the person carrying it would carry a fake. (I know... you never know, but I would lay money on the fact it was authentic purely based on the owner.)
  10. hmm.. are you sure it has a kisslock? Maybe it has a zipper closure instead?