What Was Sting Doing @ One Of Germany's Top Brothels?

  1. by RICHARD SIMPSON for the dailymail.

    13th September 2007

    Without his wife and family, a long way from home and in the dead of night, no one can blame Sting for feeling in need of a little company.

    But Trudie Styler and their children might feel less inclined to be understanding when they learn where he ended up in Hamburg in the early hours of Wednesday.
    The father of six was spotted leaving one of Germany's most notorious brothels after a concert during the Police's reunion tour.
    He was pictured apparently trying to duck down in the back seat of a car.
    [​IMG] Sting (circled) outside one of Germany's top brothels, the Relax nightclub

    [​IMG] The singer famously sang about a working girl in his worldwide hit Roxanne

    Straight after performing at the HSVArena in Hamburg, the 55-year- old singer jumped into a silver SUV flanked by two bodyguards and headed into town.
    As it turned out he clearly had relaxation on his mind. The Relax bordello prides itself on being one of the city's most luxurious.
    Advertising itself more innocently as a strip club, promotional literature describes how it is "frequented by more than 40 top models every night".
    What is not advertised so freely is that most of the models rent themselves out by the hour.
    They usually accompany clients to the swimming pool, whirlpool bath and sauna inside. Brothels are legal in Germany and Relax is well known.
    [​IMG] The Relax bordello is a club which prides itself on being one of Hamburg's top vice dens

    [​IMG] Promotional literature for the club describes how it is 'frequented by more than 40 top models every night'

    "What did Sting do in Hamburg's top bordello?" screamed the headline of Germany's bestselling Bild newspaper.
    The report was accompanied by a picture of the singer being driven away from Relax at 2.15am.
    "What he did inside is unclear," the report continued.
    "At the bar each night sit up to 40 ladies, fulfilling the wishes of the guests."

    The report speculated whether Sting delighted the ladies with a rendition of Roxanne - a Police hit song about a prostitute. Inside Relax, guests are encouraged to spend, spend, spend.
    Magnums of Dom Perignon can be served in the whirlpool or "steamy sauna" or indeed poured over the breasts of young models (if pictures on the club's website are anything to go by).

    [​IMG] Sting with wife Trudie Styler

    "Discretion billing' is also catered for, presumably so that wives remain none the wiser.
    A spokesman for the club said she knew a photo of Sting was taken in the car park in his minibus - but denied he had been inside.
    She was unable to say why he was pictured in the Relax car park at 2.15 am, adding: "No, no, he wasn't here."
    Asked about Sting's night out in Hamburg, his publicist said: "Sting and his wife Trudie Styler have always been open about their interest in strip clubs.
    "I do not know whether he went to this club. However I would not be surprised if he went. It is nothing he would be ashamed of."
    In an interview in 2004 Miss Styler claimed the couple had indulged in wife- swopping, swinging and visiting sex clubs.
    She told U.S. radio host Howard Stern that said she would watch as her husband met other women.
    "I don't get jealous. He likes to go to these clubs where they all get naked," she said.

    "I just sort of hang out and talk to them, and polish my nails."
    The interview quickly made headlines around the world. Within days Miss Styler gave another interview as an apparent retraction, saying the comments had all been a joke.
  2. Oh well! If even Sting the Saint cheats on his wife, what to expect from everybody else?

  3. umm he never said that he was a saint, they have always been opened about that they both lead adventurous sex life :shrugs:
  4. They have been together long enough Im sure his wife will not be shocked!! If he was there does it mean he cheated?
  5. i dont think so....i think they do it with other ppl often - as they admit themselves.
  6. ^ Ur kitty in your avatar is sooooooo cute :heart:

    As far as sting and his wife with other people.. I could see it. I wouldn't be shocked to hear that...
  7. Right. He had a chess tournament there.
  8. i love sting!
  9. Not so nice.
  10. Sting does cheat on his wife. His first wife. With Trudi Styler.
  11. For some reason I thought they had this monogamous relationship! But now that the facts are coming out I can kind of see that these two might not be so innocent primarily someone like Sting who is a rock star!
  12. well, he was getting himself a german hooker, what else?
    and yeah, him and trudi have pretty much an open marriage. i hear she's bi and they like having threesomes.
  13. :popcorn:whatever.