What was she carrying??

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  1. It was black and brown and HUGE. The LV was like perforated. From far away you almost couldn't see it was LV but up close you could see it. a little shiny.

    Is it the mizi vienna? But it was both black and brown.

    ANyone have any idea?
  2. Black and brown makes me think Stephen. The perforated part makes me think Mahina.
  3. Definitely not Stephen because it was not the original monogram. And it wasn't the Mahina which is a slouchy bag.

    I believe the bag is a couple of years old. If I remember correctly the bottom part was black and it had almost a flap over that was brown with a gold tone buck in the front.

    Anyone else have any ideas?
  4. Hmmmmm I was going to say Stephen also, may be Addy, Lee or John5 can figure it out for you. Next time whip out the camera phone...lol!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.