What was lost forever that was found in your handbag?!?

  1. This happens to me ALL THE TIME.

    I had thought I lost something near and dear to me and I have been searching my house for 2 days. I had been through all of my closets, purses, drawer's, suitcases, and I couldn't find it.

    Then, as I was cussing out loud I looked down tonight and found a handbag that had been hidden from sight. And there it was! Tucked safely inside!

    So I ask you, what item(s) have you thought you had lost forever that you found in one of your handbags?
  2. Annoyingly, this happens to me a lot b/c I change bags frequently and something inevitably gets left behind in a pocket. This reminds me of one of my fave SATC episodes where Carrie finds her beloved Carrie necklace in the lining of her vintage purse :yes:
  3. ^^^ i was thinking about Carrie too!

    once i left my credit card in one of my bags then freaked out because i thougth i lost it, but then i found it and i swear it was the greatest feeling ever :yes:
  4. car keys! every week i loose them and they are in my bag all along. i have once made my SO retrace our steps and then put my hand in my bag and they were there.
  5. Happens to me all the time. Last week it was a 1GB USB pen with all my Uni coursework on (not the only copy thankfully as I have backups ;) ) but it was still really annoying. Turned every handbag inside out and couldn't find it. Yet there it was tucked in a zip pocket in a messenger bag I have.

    The worst was my earphones. I splashed out on some noise cancelling ones for those long commutes and they have their own little travel pouch. Lost it and it turned up in the bottom of a big bag I have. I've vowed to stop buying big bags with now pockets in now :yes:
  6. This happens all the time! It's awful. =/ Especially when I used the KEEPALL a lot, I swear it was EATING my stuff. I usually loose small stuff like make up and pencils.
  7. :crybaby: For me it's the exact opposite! I blame the style handbag I was using at the time for the loss of my engagement ring. (of course, that's easier than blaming myself!). Junk jewelry stays with me forever but the good stuff seems to disappear. My bags are always the first thing I search but I've never found a thing!:crybaby:
  8. I was in a roll over car accident almost 4 years ago. The paramedics pulled my purse out of my car and gave it to me before transporting me to the ER. I had sustained some nasty head injuries, so they wanted to do some X-rays and a CT Scan. I was wearing a sterling silver goddess pendant that I always wore to symbolize my faith. I took it off and gave it to my boyfriend to put in my bag. He put it in there for me. When I was released from the hospital, I got home and looked for my necklace in my purse. I couldn't find it. I got upset, because I thought maybe it fell out of my purse somewhere. Flash forward six months. I was digging in the same purse trying to get to my lip gloss when I felt something hard in the bottom of one of the deeper pockets. I reached in and pulled. Out came my goddess necklace! Apparently the pendant was a little damp with blood when my boyfriend put it in the pocket of my purse. The blood dried and caused the necklace to be cemented to the inside pocket lining. That's why I wasn't able to find it after the accident. I couldn't believe it was with me the whole time!

    Just wanted to add: the reason the paramedics got my purse out of the car for me is because I asked for it. Isn't that terrible? I was all bloodied up and all I could think of was getting my purse!
  9. So glad you recovered and are ok!
  10. I am thinking about Carrie too. It didn't happen on me...I lost something everywhere in my room.
  11. Oh my God- this is SO me !! My daughters wills pend an entire afternoon going thru my bags- looking for change and whatever else I've left behind- inevitably they find the pair of earrings I swore I'd lost, or my brand new pen I swore someone stole off my desk.......
  12. When I switch bags a lot I inevitably leave something in one of them. Sometimes I will just pull all my bags out and look in them and find old lipsticks and stuff.
  13. My parking permit! I don't use it every day, so sometimes I leave it in whatever bag I happened to be using the day I went to where I needed it. I used to leave it in the car, but now I'm not always driving the same car, either mine or my husband's so it's just a mystery where it is sometimes.
  14. Oh you mean that cool continent - Atlantis, I think it's name is, and my black sunglasses. That's about it.
  15. My Black Prada Tissue Holder (It Was Gift ((From My Husband)) Along With One Of My Prada Bags ~ In The Mid-Late 90's). I Still Always Use It. I Wear So Much Black (& Black Bags)...Sometimes, I Don't Realize It's Gone Until I Am Using A Lighter Color Bag (Or At Least The Interior Is). I Always Feel Bad ~ That I Might Have Lost It......I Always Find It In The Last Black Interior Bag.