What was it that first Turned You On to BBags???

  1. for me, I was actually searching for a Patent leather bag and, OF COURSE, both the Coach one and Marc Jacobs one I was looking for were LAST SEASON and sold out - story of my life!
    Anyway, so it was the shiny look of the BBag that reminded me of Patent and HERE I AM :P

    up to four and still want MORE :nuts:
  2. For me it was laying on the beach:beach: while a poor guy was coming by to sell a :throwup: fake to a friend of mine.

    She bought it, paid hundreds for it:crybaby: !

    I was curious, and in love:nuts: .

    I suppose you all know what was next:drool: ...
  3. Ms. Ritchie... I love how she wears them

    it took me a year to get my a*s in gear to get one, and I don't think I'll be turning back...
  4. I saw one at the Barneys at South Coast and I LOVED it. That was a few months ago. It was soft and smooshy and I just kept feeling the damn thing up while my daughter shopped! Then I left and couldnt stop thinking about the bag that ended up being my elusive INK City that wasnt there when I went back...the ONE time I didnt impulse buy and my Ink got away from me.
  5. mmm... magazines... look so different from all the other bags that i've seen!!... was always curious about it, but never really paid much attention to it..

    Till a few months ago when I finally got one and immediately fell in love!
  6. I saw a first carried on a reality television show and fell in LOVE!! I had no idea who made the bag so I searched the Internet and posted many questions until I found this lovely forum!! I also had no idea how much they cost but I was too much in love to resist
  7. hahaha it was the Olsen Twins! But really, they have fabulous taste in bags!
  8. I'm a Fendi fan and became a member here to bond with other Fendi fans. Then I wandered off to the Balenciaga subforum to see what the big deal was about these Sponge-Bob-Square-Bags. Then I saw all of the pictures, the textures of the leather, the unbelievable colors, the gorgeous drap in all your modeling pics. ALL OF YOU TURNED ME INTO THE B-BAG MONSTER I AM TODAY:crybaby: :wtf: :nuts:

    Now it's love, love and more love. I cannot for the life of me believe the leathers and the colors. I'm a color freak so these bags hit me in my weak spot. Ink was my first.
  9. nicole richie! I love the way it looks on her:yes:
  10. I saw a picture of Christina Aguilera carrying one last year and I LOVED how it looked on her. It wasn't until months later that I found out what the name of the brand was and well, I've been in love ever since.
  11. hmm... I got lost in honolulu when I first moved here and ended up at Aloha Rag and saw them and fell head over heels... couldnt afford one. took me more than a year to save up for ONE. then all of the sudden I had five.

    now I'm back to having just one, and I'm quite happy!
  12. Just joining the PF! I was searching for a bag to buy and kept coming to the Balenciaga section! I fell in love with the tassels!!!!!!!
  13. I came to the PF looking for some information about Marc Jacobs (I really wanted a Stam). I went to the store and tried some on, but I found them really heavy. I started searching for a lighter bag and wandered into the B-bag forum. I haven't turned back since! :smile:
  14. i was flipping thru a magazine and saw i think jessica simpson carrying the pewter first and it was LOVE! and i can't stand J simpson, so you know it was the bag and not because it was her.
  15. I bought a chloe after researching it in the chloe forum and wandered in here. I never really liked the style until I saw a bbag in person and saw the color and felt the leather. Now it seems to be the only bag that I am interested in. The people in this forum are so friendly and willing to help - it also definitely feeds the addiction, but so much fun!