What was in SF today? Well......

  1. Finally when I got my butt in gear this morning (which really means once I got rid of the DD and her friends and actually took control of the bathroom again...) I made my way into the city and to Hermes. I heard there was a red something or other on the shelf and Shopmom wastes no time....like a flash I was there and YES a red Kelly was sitting onthe shelf next to a chocolate Picotin and a 27cm ebene Bolide. Did I have jose take it out? Yes. Was it Rouge H? NO. It was Vermillion in a 35cm in Togo.

    I'm wondering if this is the season for Vermillion? Anyone? I see this color everywhere in every leather, every size and in every style. Where is Rouge H???? Nowhere to be found. Not even in small accessories.

    Anyway, I really wasn't disapointed because I did get a chance to look around and see a woman take a long, hard look at yet ANOTHER Vermillion Kelly only this time in 28cm. Souple. Looked good on her. Don't know if she bought it because my attention was taken by an older man who strolled up to the scarf counter, asked Linda to see the "new" scarves in green tones and bought the first one she showed him. I've never seen anything like it! I don't even think she had a chance to open the thing and show him the design! He pointed, he glanced and he took out his wallet and slapped the credit card on the counter. Next thing I know he's out the door with his orange bag. :wtf:

    Not Shopmom. I had Jose take every scarf on the planet out and show me everything! And then just as I was about to buy the pink color-way of the Decoupages scarf I glance to my right and see these lovely scarves in a completely separate cabinet. Really, really lovely cashmere/silk blend scarves smaller than the 35" square twills and much larger than the pocket squares. I don't know what they're called nor what the design name is but he took one out for me and WHAM! I bought it! :yes:

    And here she is.....
    cashscarf.jpg cashscarf2.jpg
  2. This made me smile! Great story and great purchase!

    You need a rouge H shopmom!
  3. *Edited to say that I was so excited that shopmom411 was in the Hermes store today like I was I forgot to congratulate her on her gorgeous purchase!*


    Shopmom411, what time were you in the Hermes store? I was there today too!!! :lol: I was looking around to see if there were any PFers...I was in the store around 1:30pm...

    I wanted to look at the bags but of course PHH was giving me the evil eye. I had to scoop up my scarves and get out of there quick :hysteric:
  4. Shopmom:

    Wow!! it's so beatiful!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    and regarding the man..he sure wasted no time! that's why the myth of SAs are nicer to husband/male clients! :upsidedown:
  5. AHHHH!!!! I nearly bought this one last week!!!!!!!!!! SENSATIONAL choice, D.....it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Isn't the cashmere lovely???

    So......what did Jose say about the Rouge H situation? Did you ask him to hunt you down a bag????????

  6. "WHAM! I bought it!" i like that. been there, done that.
    that is a beautiful scarf. would you say... the red in that scarf... irl... is similar to... rouge H ...?
  7. hey.....whats the book? looks interesting.......
  8. Congrats on your gorgy new scarf, Shopmom. And thanks for the play by play! It was like we were all in the shop with you. :yes: As for rouge H, I tried to order a rouge H chevre Kelly in January 2005. In June 2005, my SA called to tell me they were having quality control problems with rouge H, so I switched my order to vermillion chevre (which still has not come in).
  9. Gorgeous scarf and love your story!

  10. :lol: :lol: HiHeels....yep! It's a little like....ROUGE H! I couldn't help myself....my hand was in my purse faster than if I were a gunslinger at the O.K. Coralle! (I think I just killed the spelling.....)
  11. He, he...we should carry our CC's on gun holsters...start a new trend!!!!! - LOL!!

  12. K...in 2004 the Met Museum of Art in NYC had a exhibition of 18th century costumes and period furniture (this is one of my favorite era's) and they put out a beautiful book about it called "Dangerous Liaisons. If you like that era, you'll love this book and it was a fantastic exhibit! I know they have it on Amazon....:yes: :heart:
  13. cool!
  14. That is one jaw dropping scarf shopmom!!!
    Two simple colors but very bold.
    Wow it'd be PERFECT for this coming fall!!!!:love:
  15. OMG! I wish I had been there later to meet you! I was there around 11:30 and left at about 12:30! The only people I saw where the two ladies looking at the Vermillion Kelly and the man who bought the scarf in one hot second!