What was I thinking?

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  1. Okay. Time to fess up. Lets see some purses that you, to this day wonder why the hell you bought them in the first place?
    Here is one of mine:

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    It was so cute and fluffy all by itself in the store. I felt sorry for it kinda' like Charlie Brown felt about that little Christmas tree.
  2. AHAHAHAH Hilarious, Bagsnshoofetish! I guess I can see how upon first glance that bag might be cute.... I sell off my mistakes, don't like to keep 'em around! What is that bag made out of, rabbit fur?
  3. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Girl, you gotta burn that!!! Have you ever used it? That's hilarious!
  4. :lol: that poor bag!

    I sell a bag as soon as I know I won't be carrying it anymore.
  5. That's funny! I give my mistakes away (friends who want it, or goodwill).
  6. I'll have you know it is made of the finest synthetic fur money can buy!

    p.s. if I ever have to become a hooker, I got the bag!
  7. Oh, but of course, only the fiiiiiinest for you.... I want to make that noise the French make. How does it go: heeheehooohnnnn....

    Give it to one of your animals as a chew toy?
  8. I'll give it to one of the monkeys in the nursery so it won't miss it's mama.
  9. :nuts: ! Sad thing is, I've seen worse, so I think your momentary lapse of judgment is okay...hehe. The bag reminds me of something my cousin would buy...she loves cuddly things, whether they are good for her or not!
  10. I think this is cute :biggrin:
  11. Kind of looks a bit like a muff! I like the colour...
  12. That bag is not THAT hideous...
    It's rather cute...nice shade of green.
  13. Me too! They must probably think I hate them :lol:
  14. It's cute. But I would donate it. Did you actually wear it anywhere?
  15. So there is a home for EVERY bag .... lol. You're a good person to give that bag a home ...... (only kidding.) I can't compete with that one though so I won't even try.