What was I thinking? To sell or not to sell...

  1. I was very seriously considering selling or trading my black 05 Twiggy, thinking that with three black bags I have enough. Yet I grabbed it this morning, am LOVING it all over again. and now am thinking of getting yet ANOTHER black Bbag. Am I crazy? I do love black, 90% of my wardrobe is black, all my shoes are black. I have no problem not wearing color.

    Anyone else ever get tempted to send their BBags out to new homes?
  2. Nope. I love every one of them, and for different reasons and occasions. Every once in a while, when I see a new Bbag that I want, I ask myself whether I would sell one of my bags to finance it... it's a way to talk myself into a purchase, but who am I kidding?
    I've also been known to call them "investments" to DB... but see previous point: who am I kidding? :graucho:
  3. ^^ yes, calling them 'investments'... investments in your happiness!

    Love your avatar pic -- is that a caramel city?
  4. Well at least with black you can always buy it again since they make it every season...but you can't beat the older leathers so I would say KEEP THEM ALL!
  5. Thanks, Pointie!! No, not a city, it's a caramel 02 flat brass classique that I was very lucky to find a little while ago... another "investment"
  6. hang on to that bag! no sense in selling something you love! generally the bags i end up selling are bags that i loved for aesthetic reasons, but just aren't practical for me or my life (I'm talking to you silk balenciaga evening bag. honestly, i barely ever get off the couch, much less attend black tie events!).
  7. Oh yes! I would have every style I could get in Ink if I could find them! My Balenciaga bags are the first ones ever that I dont want to sell after a few weeks of use. I have one listed now but thats only because I bought another City. Trying to stay within some sort of budget...not doing a great job at it!
  8. Ha, I know about not staying within budget for handbags. AND... I bought two other black bags (Rochas and LV) this fall. and now I want another.:wacko:
  9. don't sell! you cannot sell your babies!! they will cry and miss you dearly.

    keep them!
  10. If you still love the bag and enjoy using it you will probably regret selling. I can relate to buying black bags--I can never have too many since I wear black 90% of the time. I can also relate to how tough it is to decide whether to keep or sell a bag. I bought a rouge vif city and have only taken it out twice because it just doesn't feel right (probably because it's not black). I keep toying with selling this bag because it's really not me, yet it is so beautiful I've been unable to part with it.

    I say keep the black bag and don't be afraid to buy another since you are obviously partial to black.
  11. If you are loving the black and the style I would keep it. You may regret it down the line and there is nothing worse than missing a bag you sold but realize later you should of kept.
  12. hold onto it and ejoy it! at least til u are 100% positive you want to sell it! :popcorn:
  13. I've sold my Black city and bought 2 ink (Work + Purse)...
    and now I'm going to buy another Black City...

    So if you want to sell you Twiggy : go !!!
    You'll always find another black later !!!
  14. valerieb -- The rouge vif is beautiful! but I have the same reluctance about bright Bbags, that I am not going to wear them. It's nice to think about Magenta and Blue Roi and Rouille, it's another to actually carry bags in bright colors. I have a Marron and love that, but I do a lot of brown outerwear, and my luggage is brown Damier, so Marron is just fine.

    Fromparis -- The thing is, my twiggy is so beautifully broken in like an old leather jacket, and I think a lot of would-be twiggy buyers want the shiny pristine Bbag experience.
  15. I do this all the time. I live in New York--my wardrobe consists of black, black, black and --black--then I think I have too many black bags and buy some colors for an accent. Then I think--what am I doing with all these colors--they just sit in the closet while I reach for the black bags. I hate to say this, but it's an unending dilemma--at least for me.