What was I thinking? I LOVE my jumbo black caviar--

  1. I don't know why I didn't get it sooner. I didn't think I would like a plain black caviar bag. Seriously, I thought it was sort of dull. I bought my black jumbo last Friday almost out of obligation becuase I thought I might grow to love it and wanted to get it before the price went up.

    Well, I carried it for the first time yesterday and I loved it! Absolutely. Why didn't I get more!! Now they will be so pricey. No matter, I am a total convert! I will be looking for color now : )
  2. So funny! But very true... now you're addicted!
  3. That's a great bag! Now let's see some pics! ;)
  4. Fantastic, so glad you are really feeling it now :biggrin:

    Yep, we want piccies of your new love now too!
  5. My first Chanel wasn't a flap either. It took me a while to come over to the flap side, but now I love them too.
  6. You cannot resist the power of the flaps! Welcome to the club :smile:
  7. that's wonderful!!
  8. Ohhh, I'm glad you're loving it!! :smile: I think the black caviar Jumbo is the perfect mix of function and fabulousness... I adore mine too hehe!! :nuts: :tup:
  9. congrats! glad u are loving it! what colour r u interested in now?
  10. Congrats....enjoy your new bag....
  11. I'm glad you love it- congrats!
  12. yay, great bag and i'm glad you love it, pics please!
  13. Congrats!! :idea: