What was I thining?

  1. I meant to say THINKING not thining. Opps. I scheduled my yearly ob/gyn appointment for today smack dab right in the middle of "O" week. Guess it won't hurt anything, but it makes me wonder if it could harm the egg or the swimmers. I know, TMI!!
  2. You should be fine... maybe a little uncomfortable, but the pap shouldn't affect anything. Good time to talk to your doctor about TTC!
  3. Yes I will be doing that this afternoon. I am a little nervous about it. Don't know why.
  4. jen, hope it went well.
  5. Yes it went fine. Everything internally looks great. Will have to wait on the results from the pap. Although I need to lose some weight, need to have the glucose tests run, my bottom number of my blood pressure was slightly high, meaning I could be headed to hypertension, YAY. It usually has not been high when I have been to my family dr., so my ob/gyn said just to keep an eye on it. I really need to get back on my diet. I had lost some weight last year and gained it back at the holidays. And I need to get back to eating better too. The last month I have been eating horribly. He said not to worry if I had not conceived in a few months. That it can take a year. If it gets to that point then we would need to look into testing, etc.
  6. jen...sending you lots of baby dust. :flowers:
  7. jenniletv, You have a weight loss buddy here if you need one!! I have been eating and drinking my disappointment each time I got AF. In the last 9 months, I've gained 15 lbs!! Each time I think about going back to WW, I'm like what's the point? I'm going to get fat when I am pregnant... but I am starting to feel really bad about myself :sad: Time to get back to moderation.

    We are leaving tomorrow for a ski trip, but when I get back, it is bye,bye lbs!

  8. Yeah I was on WW and only lost 15 pounds in a year, so I thought that it was a huge waste of time and money. I then joined online and could not stay focused, more time and money wasted. I need a weight loss buddy, someone to keep me motivated. We can start a thread in the fitness forum for each other.

    The dr also had me start on prenatal vitamins. So I started those last night too.
  9. Oh and have fun on your ski trip tabby!!
  10. Tabby co - did you have a good trip????