What was I supposed to say?!*sigh*

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  1. I was carrying my little burberry purse the other day.

    My admin came up to me and asked me whether it is a knock off?! I was at a lost of word....I mean I don't want to sound *****y, but I told her that I would never buy anything that's not authentic!

    I fet soooooo bad afterward!!!! But what was I supposed to say?!

    Could anyone tell me what was I supposed to say at that moment without sounding so *****y? :oh:
  2. Well, I would have said:

    "Yes it is. You're so brave to ask! I can't just go up to someone and ask that, I would be afraid that people would think I was a *****."
  3. OOOOh that is one of my PET PEEVES!! How could someone have the nerve to ask such a question. NO class whatsoever:evil:
  4. hahaha I'd go with what Chemlex said!
  5. Im not that brazen but Chemlex is funny!!!!:P
  6. Yikes! I know myself, my face would get red, then I'd get pissed and blurt out "NO YOU IDIOT! I WOULDN'T BE SEEN WEARING FAKES!!" And then I'd also want to crawl back intot he coroner.

    Don't worry about what you said, it is only natural to be taken off guard and be a bit offended!
  7. You said the right thing ............when people ask that , that there way of being in your business. Becasue if its real , they wonder how u can afford it , and if it fake , they think oh she just wants to be seen
  8. VERY good point Heanvensent. I think you're right on the money with that analysis
  9. LOL......I should write that down!!!! hahaha...I don't know whether I have the nerve to say it :biggrin:
  10. Yeah, definitely a rude question to ask someone. I've been asked a couple of times when carrying my Burberry bag, and once when carrying the Dooney & Bourke bag I have, a lady in the locker room at my gym asked if it was real and then proceeded to reach out and touch it :suspiciou
  11. Touch it?! How would that lady know whether it's real when she probably doesn't own a real one.

    I saw my admin today and she is carrying a fraux. I think she must have wanted to ask me where I've got mine.
  12. My mom always tells me that if someone asks me a nosey question like that, to just say "What an unusual question! Why do you ask?" That puts THEM on the spot and they sputter and get embarassed, lol.
  13. ^^ That sounds like good advice Kat! Those kinds of situations are just so weird to be in...
  14. LOL Sometimes it happens.

    If it was a friend I would say "Yup! It's authentic. You know me, I don't buy items that are not authentic." (I would also ask if they wanna see it & inspect it. So they'll be happy in a weird little way...It goes both ways.)

    If it was a stranger/acquaintance/elder I would say "Yes it's authentic." (And smile)

    If it was a person I dislike I'd say "It's authentic if that's what your asking." (And if I have it..."Wanna see the receipt?") (If I have it with me...most of the time I don't. But I have sometimes I've been unaware of carrying it. LOL Weird...) LOL Sometimes it happens.

    Gosh LOL It depends in my mood.
  15. I think it was a very rude of her to ask that! It was funny what Heavensent said. :smile: