What was I seeing today in Barney's BH?

  1. We didn't spend a lot of time, but there were new bags in Barney's BH today. Thing is, I don't know whether I was looking at Marine or Anthracite GH. At the time, I assumed it was Marine, I guess, but when we got home my DH asked if the bag was bluish black or greenish black. And I couldn't remember. Well, I can remember - it was bluish, but not enough blue to make me really say, Marine!

    I could have told from the tag if I knew enough, right? The tag listed 07 - but it should also have the season, right?
  2. Sounds like antracite...
  3. I saw a GH City in Anthracite when I was there last week. This sounds like it.
  4. I was looking at my GH AnthraCity last night and noticed how it could pass for Marine in certain lighting. I don't think you could mistake Marine for Anthra, but you could mistake Anthra for Marine, if that makes sense!
  5. If it's GH then it will definitely be Spring Summer 07...this is the first season of production for GH