What was he thinking?

  1. For the record, I think Tomas Maier is one of the most thoughtful and talented designers out there right now and you guys and gals know how much I admire BV`s RTW.

    But then again, what was he thinking when he set up the men`s collection for next fall??? Carpenter`s overalls? Workwear denim? Is it that what we turn to BV for?

    Here are the icks of the day (all pics from men.style.com):
    00010m.jpg 00040m.jpg 00070m.jpg 00090m.jpg 00180m.jpg
  2. At least some picks of the day:
    00020m.jpg 00170m.jpg 00200m.jpg 00340m.jpg
  3. And of course, the bags at least are a sight for sore eyes

    (although I have to admit that I´m not a big fan of this quilted bag!)

    BTW: First and second pic show the same bag only in different lighting, looks like a great colour though!
    00040b.jpg 00050m.jpg 00140m.jpg 00230b.jpg
  4. Maybe Uncle Tom was having a fat day, hehe ! overalls always scream pregnancy wear to me and whats with the other baggy clothes as well, very homeboy if you KWIM.

    I quite like the jackets in the first pic (1st row) and the first pic on the 2nd row as well! Not loving the bags though (at least not as much as the mens veneta with the croc accent for SS08) the only one that caught my eye is the black one in the pic with the model with the black leather baseball cap.

    Speaking of baseball caps I'm always having a go at DH about wearing his with overcoats and lo and behold here are BV models wearing baseball caps with overcoats!!!!!
  5. I had no idea! We are in the midst of getting a new roof on our condo building - and little did I know that the workers may well be wearing BV! I'll have to check their overalls out a bit more closely...
  6. You are cracking me up! :roflmfao:
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. :roflmfao: BookerMoose, you are the best!!

    but you know, I'd love to see someone like
    [​IMG] taking care of my car, and someone like

    [​IMG] handling my checked in luggage at the airport, and someone like

    [​IMG] delivering my mail and

    [​IMG] selling newspaper and

    [​IMG] collecting my garbage..., no no, that didn't come out right.:sweatdrop:

    But seriously, I don't dislike the looks.
    Besides, Mr. Tomas said in the interview that Eugin posted, "I'm just trying to make some people who are looking for something particular happy.";)
  9. This collection looks like Emporio Armani. Well, the good thing is that I won't be spending as much money. Good for my bank account!
  10. I dont dislike it either :shame: but I have NEVER seen a guy that looks half as good as this guy wearing overalls :sweatdrop:
  11. mid- you are TOO funny!!! I would not mind some of those guys at work around me, either!
  12. Aiyayah! Whilst the collection is not that bad, am not loving it that much either. It does have a EA feel about it, like what uclaboi mentioned.

    And what's with the baggy pants??!! Are we back to the breakdance days??!! Imagine spinning on one's backs with BV clothes!

    This suit looks so ill-fitting on him - jacket/blazer a size too small and the pants a size too bit! Makes him looks like he hasn't eaten for weeks!
  13. BM, Mid- both of you are hilarious!!!!!! :roflmfao:

    Well, forget about the clothes and/or overalls, just give me the guy!! Oops that came out not right. He's gorgeous!!!!!! :p

  14. Haha, I`m laughing out loud reading everybody`s comments. BM, Mid-, you guys are too funny.

    See, at least BV has the customers developing a sense of humour!
  15. ms piggy, you are too funny! I agree, who cares about the jumpsuit when you've got a gorgeous guy carrying a gorgeous BV bag!