What was Dooney thinking?

  1. Would anyone even consider wearing this purse? I own Dooney purses and absolutely love the all weather leather line. My seven year old son might like this purse...but I wonder who else would? This line is called Ice Pop.


  2. Well, i think it would be cute for summer.
  3. Looks like they've been "inspired" by Tokiodi(sp?)
  4. I guess it's better than their other stuff
  5. Yikes! I have ONE Dooney, and it is from their Nile Collection, which I think is very farm removed from this....whatever....style.....ick.....oh.....I think I'm going to faint............ick.........don't like it........sorry Dooney. You are not what you were 15 years ago.................
  6. I didn't see that print last night when I was looking on their website. I think it is cute. Maybe in one of their smaller accessories.
  7. I think it's ugly. :throwup:
  8. i dont think it's ugly, i think it's cute, but the only thing i'd use in that print is a flap wristlet. with the wristlet, it takes away from the cheeze factor with a lil bit of leather. i didn't buy it tho :shrugs: and it wouldnt' be my first choice... still cute, but DEFINATELY not timeless and thats what i love! timeless pieces i can have forever!
  9. I think it is totally stupid. They have totally gone too far with the whole prints thing. I mean, I actually liked the it bags and the hearts were alright too...but this....no, no, no....They have crossed over from kinda cute to just plain tacky...come on now dooney....
  10. I love it! It's very playful. I'd carry it (and mind you I carry mostly LV).
    To each there own;)
  11. I think it's cute for the younger crowd. The idea itself may seem silly but there is a lot of detail put into the print. The colors are pretty and I can see the young gals liking it.
  12. eh, that's just their style. Some of their prints are very childish, so it's a hit or miss brand for me. I do have several of their bags, though.
  13. Here is another style, called "candy". Good color detail, but still too young for me:

  14. damn i just walked through their store, try not to be so critical, it's just a line! lol...

    i think that spring brings it out in some lines, maybe it's too much for some people, but others have outfits that just suit something like that, especially people who wear white, or very bright colors. i love the idea, it's just not for me.

    i LOVE the blue ice pop with the cursive dooney on it. it's hot.

    as for the candy, i don't know about it either, coin purse or wristlet only for me. i dont think i'd buy it but i know a few people that could rock it.

    they're kinda both Japanese influenced.
  15. This is more my style: Annalisa leather. There's a similar style by coach I think. I would consider it if it goes on sale. $325 at dooney.com