What was Coach thinking? Seriously!

  1. I can't even look at these bags for longer then a few seconds without them making my eyes batty!:cursing:

    They remind me of those pictures where your suppose to stare at it, and if you look long enough an image is suppose to appear.

    Except with these the only image you see is a fugly ugly bag!

    They need some new designers!
    10991_SVDE_t.jpg 10996_SVDE_t.jpg
  2. I thought the same thing looking online but when I went into the store they did not look horrible. I am just not sure what I think of them at this point.

    In fact I have them on my wish list because I want to go back and look at them in person again before I decide if I love or hate them. Since I take my wish list every time I thought it would serve as a good reminder.
  3. SilverSea, I saw those bags in person today. I am not fond of the blue optic with that peacock leather. IMHO it misses the mark. It's not quite as eye boggling in person but am disappointed in the effect.
  4. One other reason I do not like the optic bags!
  5. It's the combination of the small sig optic print and the off-color handles IMO... at least judging by the photo. If they were bigger Cs it would probably be hot..
  6. I saw the one on the right yesterday... it was cute enough but the more I think about it, it reminded me of an Factory Store bag.
  7. I thought it was kind of cute...not sure i'd buy it in the blue, but I like the khaki color on the site.

    Maybe it's one of those that is funky on the site and beautiful in person (or maybe it's just the blue)....Probably not for everybody though
  8. The design on those bags reminds me of sea sickness.
  9. If the trim wasn't so hideous, the bag would be cute. What shoes do you wear with this bag?
  10. They are a little wacky :confused1:
  11. Oy...I agree..have never been a fan of the optic (except for the white/cream). It's just too busy...and add that to the blue trim...yuck.
    (Can you image what the FAKES are going to look like in this :throwup:)
  12. yeah the trim is why i have such a hard time deciding on whether i like it or not. the bag itself is not so overwhelming in person but the trim just doesnt make me love it.
  13. The khaki ones are okay.

    They slaughtered the blue though...so bummed because blue is my favorite color!
  14. I saw the Chelsea today and didn't like it - sort of electric blue I thought. It starts to make your eyes cross. The khaki wasn't quite as bad.
  15. of the signature, the optic is actually my favorite. I do like this blue one in the mini-skinny.