What wallets (other than LV) to match LV bags?

  1. I bought the mono canvas Koala but am having second thoughts at spending this much on a wallet! :cry:

    I want my wallet to match my mono bags. What other types of wallets do ya'll use if you're not using a LV one?
  2. obviously, i'm partial to the koala :love:, but i think the marc jacobs zip clutch would be nice in a LV bag. i had been wanting one but couldn't find the color i wanted, so i ended up getting the damier koala...now of course i've found the color i want. :rolleyes:
    C361401BK1.jpg C361401BU1.jpg C361401N1.jpg
  3. I use the Porte valeurs. I got it for like $285. Holds checkbook, has like 6 cc slots and works w/ bills too. Just not coins.
  4. I use a Salvatorre Ferragamo wallet in black. It holds a ton!
  5. I like red wallets so that you can find it easily in any handbag.

    A good leather should do! Nordstrom has great deals when they have their sales!
  6. I have a red roots wallet I use ever now and again just for a change. Its very similar to the Mj style. Lots of card slots, coin section and that same closure as the denim speedy pockets.
    I think i paid 60$ for and love it. So when i get bored of my LV i'll use it :smile:
  7. Almost ALL my wallets are red! :lol: I've always purchased red and black or red/black accessories just because I like them... the wallet and separate checkbook I'm currently using are made by Tusk and I love them.

    I think I'm getting too caught up in "I gotta have this" and might just return the Koala for another handbag. Maybe. :rolleyes:
  8. Easier to change handbags than wallets! Go for the bag!
  9. i really like the coach vachetta envelop wallet with the buckle. they have a tan that would match pretty well. i almost bought it yesterday, but i really perfer a bright colored wallet so decided to hold out till they come out with something similar in a more fun color.

    i'm having the same buy a bag or a wallet issue. helps that hubby has basically forbidden me to spend as much as LV wants on for a wallet. he never asks me not to buy stuff, so i figured i should honor this one request. :smile:
  10. I use a Tusk wallet in Red or my Coach red wallet. I like to see it easily in my bag. Maybe someday I'll get a LV wallet.
  11. My hubby is the same. He would never say "don't buy this" but he did think the $535 for the wallet was a bit much... problem is now that I have it in my possession -- I don't want to give it up! :rolleyes: But between the wallet and another small piece (Lagoon clutch), that's over $1000 I can spend on another handbag. So I probably will!

    I saw the Coach wallets just a little bit ago! I like the "doe" color but the wallet I want isn't available in doe for another month -- there are some really cute ones on eBay right now, too!
  12. One girl matched the Marc Jacobs zipclutch in black quilted to their Speedy 30 and it looked great. I agree, MJ's wallets look great with LV.
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