What Wallets Do You Have?

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  1. I'm currently doing my last tick off before I purchase my next new to me Wallet.

    So, I'm very curious, as to what Wallets you all have in your collection "All brands"?

    Thanks in advance xx
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  2. I don't collect wallets. I usually like having just one wallet and then sell it once I'm ready to get another one. I used to have a Sarah, then I changed to a Clemence, and now a Mini Pochette. I don't like switching out wallets often.
  3. Q. What did you honestly think of the Clemence?
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  4. I have a Sarah wallet in mono. I like to keep everything in one place and it’s been great for that - there’s room for everything without it looking stuffed. I don’t switch wallets, I find it too much hassle, and this is still looking new after almost a year of daily use. Very happy with it.
  5. I also like the Sarah.
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  6. Louis Vuitton - Zippy, Emilie (Damier and Empreinte), Elise (discontinued), Compact Curieuse and Key Cles (Empreinte, which I use as travel wallet).

    Switched from Coach (2) and Gucci (2) to Louis Vuitton for its durability and never turn back. I used to stick to only one wallet and kill it before switching to the next one. Now life is too short and I just switch up whenever I like.
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  7. A few French purses, Ludlows, Broome, Zipped Coin purses, Alexandra, Emilie, an older monogram wallet (Porte Etui Papiers), Victorine, a few Sarahs, a few Zippys, couple of Curieuses.

    I have a bit of a habit and like wallets to match my bags.
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  8. Wow!!! So, out of all of them which has been your favorite or most used?
  9. Mulberry, continentals & french. Bayswater clutch wallets.
    (all pre-2016 company changes)

    Lv, zippy.(only non-leather wallet owned)

    Deadly ponies, mr. wallet.

    Hermes, dogon duos.

    Baseballism, whurlitzer.
    Of all, like mulb continentals & bays clutches best.
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  10. I have a Clemence wallet and love it. Big enough to hold all my essentials but small enough that it fits nicely into my hand.
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  11. Q. Do you find it hard to pull out your cards? That's my only concern with both the Zippy and Clemence Wallets. Beautiful Wallets.
  12. I don’t find it tough in my clemence or zcp at Ll.
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  13. I had the Emilie in DE (light, funcional, pretty but only 4 card slots), Adele compact (small, pretty, 6 slots, but double zippers were too tight), Sarah mono polar bear LE (gorgeous, but too heavy), all rehomed since.
    My 2 long-time winners are Sarah Empreinte for big bags, and Victorine empreinte for small bags.
    I also had a H Dogon (too big, heavy & unwieldy), and have a MK Continental Travel Zippy (17 card slots, 3 long wide pockets, 3 long narrow pockets, 1 zippered long pocket) for travels.
  14. I tend to stick to smaller wallets or card cases. For LV, I have the compact Twist and Twist XS. I also have a Coach 1941 small trifold and a phone wallet, and card cases from DvF, Everlane, Fossil, Kimora Lee Simmons, Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch, and some niche brands like Walking Medalist and Concept Korea.
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  15. All my wallets are the continental style; most are zip-around (Versace, Coach, Alexander McQueen) and I have a few fold-over types (LV, Gucci). If I'm carrying a smaller bag, I just transfer a few cards and my ID to a cardholder.
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