What wallets are good for holding Japanese yen and currency?

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  1. My trip to London is scrapped till spring. sucks, but hey.

    My best friend is moving to Japan tomorrow and I will be going to visit her very soon.

    We all know what this means, special LV for the trip!

    Now, do I wait until I get to Tokyo to buy something, or do I buy it here. any special wallets or pieces there? (i have to get the commes de garcons info)

    So, besides the Yen wallet, what wallet is good for you users of the pretty Japanese currency?

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    Well, yen notes are more or less the same for me. So I dun really think i need a yen wallet. But the only thing i cringe about yen as a currency is the coins. They have like 5 different denominations of them (i think, been 4 months since i went there) and it can get very heavy. Therefore you should get like a small change holder for it.

    As for the bag, if you love it you should get the damier neverfull or even better try to get a wc speedy 30 if they even have any left lol. As for the commes de garcons/ LV LE items, i think its very unique although i would just display it. Seems like more of art to me.

    I hope you have a really nice trip.
  3. I think there is a wallet from LV called "credit card and yen holder" but I can't find photos. Also, there were a few Commes de Garcons wallets at my local Bloomingdales on sale for $150 and my friend who works there was telling me about how exclusive they were.

    Hope you have fun in Tokyo!!
  4. I wished I had a Yen wallet when I was in Japan...I was so embarrassed when I kept folding my Yen bills. :shame: You can use a zippy...those fit Yen. I think a Pochette Wallet or Brazza...not sure how big those are, though.

    Have fun in Japan! I already miss it and I want to go back to Tokyo to do more sightseeing. You'll probably see some damier neverfulls here and there...and if you decide to buy anything, try to get an exclusive like the Damier Sophie, Damier T&B items, or the Milla pouches (based on Milla Jovovich). I went to some pawn shops and I saw some mono sophies for really cheap, too! :yes:
  5. ah, i did love my old pochette wallet, and it has a bomber spot for coins! i like that! the yen wallet looked ok, but i didn't see a spot for coins online. hmmph.

    besides the damier nf, which is already on my list, i don't know what they would have that we don't.

    so i was hoping a native would give me some heads up!
  6. so a keep all and a new wallet are in my future. right on. any more suggestions? how long is the money?
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  8. i used my pochette wallet for my tokyo trips. i believe yen is about the same and smaller than US dollars.

    i wonder if the azur neverfull will be around later this year in japan.
  9. caley- i hope so! that would be awesome! id be all about that! azur nf for spring in japan? hot.

    jennie-thanks for this link! i like it!
  10. DEF have something with a coin compartment! The money equivalent to 1 and 5 dollars are coins so you get tons of them! The monogram or vernis billfold with credit card slots, have a coin pocket on the back with a snap closure and are big enough for yen bills!

    I use my tres "key and change holder" to keep my train pass in. I hang it on the bag for quick access. It's not roomy enough for all the change you accumulate!

    Except for the damier neverfull and the few watercolors left, right now we don't have much that you don't. You could get a mon-monogram at a few locations here! I would say to buy your wallet before you get here, because prices here are more expensive!

    Hope this helps and have a safe trip over!
  11. get a cute wallet in japan!!!

    pochette wallet and french purse are always popular there (i'm originally from japan, but in fla)... or you can always get something cute... samantha thavasa (http://fashion.3yen.com/2006-01-10/samantha-thavasa/ i didn' read this, but i'm attaching it) and ash & diamonds are cute!!

    have fun in japan! when are u going??? i'm jealous!!!

    oh btw, the magazine which comes w/ murakami's mouse pad.... my parents are in search for it and they are sold out everwhere!!! only 500yen (about 5 bucks) --- if they can get hold of it, that'd be so sweet....but oh my!