What wallet would look good with platinum Bridgit??

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  1. Unfortunately I'm a matchy sort of person, and I'm dying to find a wallet that looks good with the platinum Bridgit. The current metallic wallets are not the right tone, or too heavy finish in comparison to this bag...as well as most have brass hardware. I don't really don't like to mix metals. So I would either like to stick to a plain wallet without metal hardware, or one with nickel hardware at least (Soho style??). The accordion zips all have brass as far as I know. I guess I don't mind a contrasting color wallet as long as any hardware is silver.

    I was thinking about using the '07 holiday patchwork wallet, but mine is the slim envelope style (so it's large), and also not sure I like it either. It's kind of "busy" with the bag, but the silver patches in the wallet are the closest to the Bridgit finish that I have seen so far.

    Any suggestions??? TIA!!!
  2. Do the metallic patches in the Signature Stripe Patchwork bag match the platinum Bridgit?
  3. HI baglady,
    I'm going to use my Legacy wristlet as my 'wallet' for the Bridgit for now. It has the Legacy stripes and will have to do until I find something. I also have a small white wallet w/ silver hardware that I found at Banana Republic (yes, sorry, cheating) that might work but I'll have to compare it to the bag (which arrives tomorrow :lol: to see if it works):


    I'm heading down to the outlet this weekend so I might try to find a white wallet and hope it works.

    Let me know if you have any luck!!
  4. Coachgirl.... I don't know the answer to that question, but that sounds like a great idea! Thank you!! I will have to check out...I bet it might match!

    Chelseagirl... Oooooo...excitement! Congrats!! I hope your bag is perfect and no issues with missing anything!! That's a good idea to use the Legacy wristlet, and your B.R. wallet is really cute! I have some non-Coach wallets, and I was hoping my Betsey Johnson silver wallet would have worked because I thought it looked similar till I got the bag against it. I also thought of using a wristlet, and so I was hoping my Coach metallic pleated wristlet in silver would work. It isn't even close since it's very silver in comparison to the bag. Next to this wristlet, the bag actually has gold undertones! I wish the Legacy stripe wallets did not have gold trim. I actually think something like that might be best.

    Last night I called JAX and asked about all the different wallets, especially the new ones that match the Lily. There's a metallic one on the Japan site, but everything has brass...and they can't get that one since they have left JAX. The CS rep was SO sweet (unusual for my recent experiences with them), and she put me on hold and went to search and ask others for recommendations. She came back on the line and said that at this time, and for the next month at least, there is nothing coming out with nickel trim..and nothing that's supposed to match at all. I wish they would catch their accessories up with their bags! I had the same problem with the Bleecker leather patchwork duffle, and I was told that with many limited editions, they don't make matching accessories. Fortunately with that bag, though, I had multiple leather Bleecker accessories that matched the leather patches in the duffle. So I haven't thought anymore about it. I think you're right in that as much as I hate to do it, I'm going to have to use another brand. I'll hopefully have the bag to use over the weekend, and so I will wear it and try to match. I saw a wallet that I think might match at Nordstrom Rack last weekend, and worst case, I do have a black leather wallet with a lot of nickel trim. I just wanted a Coach wallet! I'll let you know what I discover, and you do the same! Enjoy your new Bridgit...the more I look at it, the more I LOVE it! :love:
  5. It's frustrating Metallics and platinums . . . your right about the tones not matching and hardware . . . you would think at least with metallic/platinum Lilly (whatever she really is) a zip around wallet would be available, someone is not thinking!

    I am not matchy matchy, I use the two tone gold French purse, or my zebra card case. I would not mind pulling a Legacy striped French purse out from it though (if you can find one!)

    It's unfortunate that the metallic French purse currently available doesn't match.

    Yes indeed! Enjoy your new Bridgit ~ she's just lovely!
  6. What about the hot pink patent french framed purse. I don't know about the hardware though does the brigit have nickel or brass ?
  7. Maybe a black leather one? I got black leather french purse type of wallet w/nickel change kisslock closure at an outlet last year. Maybe the outlets will have more w/nickel hardware? I would think black would work w/any of the metallics.
  8. Thanks everyone!

    Mrs. MC...It depends on which Bridgit. All of them have brass hardware except for the metallic platinum one which is nickel. I don't have a matching wallet for either my rose or platinum, but I'm using the oxford stripe Legacy french purse with my rose....it's "ok" for now, and eventually I will get the rose Legacy french wallet that matches. I would love pink patent, or even that teal one, but all of those wallets have brass hardware. I don't know if it matters that much or not. I would love to buy the teal wallet, but I think it would go more with my other Legacy stuff.

    Donnalynn11.... Yeah, I just got out my Hobo International wallet that's black with nickel hardware and kiss lock closure change purse, and that's the best one I've tried so far with the bag. You're right...I forgot about the Coach french versions at the outlet. I think I did see them in at least brown last time I was there. They might have black or white..I guess either would go! I know all the Chelsea line is nickel at the outlet, but I didn't know if a flat pebble grain would look good with the metallic (although the metallic does have a grainy texture).
  9. baglady! i loove hobo international wallets! id love to see a picture of yours! and in your bag? :O)

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    What about one of the solid color Hamptons wallets? A couple colors came with silver hardware/turnlocks. The seafoam/lime came with silver, and I think black did as well.
  11. Black Madison Small Wallet? I like how black and platinum look together!
  12. I believe the Ali wallets have nickel hardware. I want the white slim envelope wallet with the knockout lining.
  13. The original post was from March 08, so hopefully Baglady isn't still without a wallet. :biggrin:
  14. Well that's really embarassing! I usually notice that but I can't sleep tonight.
  15. LOL

    I only noticed because the original post was from baglady, and she posted photos of all of her Bridgits with matching wallets.

    I couldn't sleep either, and now it seems the baby is up for the day. Hopefully, you can get some sleep since it looks like I'll be playing zombie mom today. :P