What wallet would go best w/this bag?

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  1. What wallet do you think would go best w/this bag? I looked at the COACH.com website, but to be honest, this color almost looks like a cranberry and not a plum? Thanks in advance for any opinions or help!
  2. You know I was just thinking the same thing.

    Fedex just delivered the Putty and the color is nothing like what Coach offers.

    Maybe white accessories?:confused1:
  3. do you want exact matching? :P i know some girls have to have the same!!
    i like this blue--it's pretty much a neutral:
    then there's the Beet:
    is that the same color?
  4. i love this one too, but $298??:wtf:
  5. thanks for the suggestions... the beat does look REAL close to it... it doesn't have to match, but I would want it to coordinate... I'm really liking the gray, but $298 like you said? NO thanks! LOL :wtf:
  6. you could use black (you just got a great one at the outlet, right?), or check the outlet for a tan/camel color. The outlets have great prices on the wallets (which IMO are quite spendy)...might be worth the trip!!:tup: Otherwise any of the more neutral signature wallets would work as well. Good luck! I plan to hit one of the stores later this week...not sure what I want to get yet, so I need to check it out!
  7. I love that bag so much! The bow is adorable!
  8. The new Zoe wallet in Petrol (grey) might be nice - I think a grey wallet would be fantastic with this color bag. If you want signature, I thought I saw some regular Khaki w/ a plum trim wallets.
  9. maybe one of the legacy french wallets, so you're matchy matchy with the kisslock.
  10. [​IMG]

    They are both listed as magenta.
  11. Maybe this beet?

  12. ooo super cute green, never saw that... was that on the japan website?
  13. Wow...that wallet is to die....too bad it's so expensive!

    How about this?
  14. Does it have to be a checkbook wallet?

    This one is only $208

    This wallet doesn't match exactly, but it would add a pop of color!
  15. I'm curious too where can I find that handbag?