what wallet should i get?

  1. help! im overwhelmed! i dont want anything too small (like the koala) but maybe a size of the french purse and up. what do you recommend?

    also, who has the pochette wallet and how do you like it?
  2. I have the Pochette (monogram), the Koala (amarante), and the French (pomme). Of all three the Pochette has the most space and is easiest to use. You can hold a lot of cards, cash, and coins in it and it looks organized inside and everything is easy to get to and hidden from prying eyes. Everything stays in there securely.

    Of the other two the Koala is the prettiest but the French Purse holds the most coins (and you can also hold cards in the coin area). I have a hard time getting my bills in and out of the French Purse (it is deep) and my FP only has 4 CC slots (BAD!). The Koala change area bulges if you have more than 20 coins in there and it is hard to get in and out of.

    I suggest you try them on at the boutique. Of the three the Pochette was a "no brainer" for me but the other two were more about form than function and I bought them more on a whim than anything else.
  3. I have the pochette wallet and I love it. I love the 2 pockets in the front. It is so convenient for my drivers license and my bank card. I tried other wallets at the store and I didn't feel they were as practical for me.

    I personally do not like the PTI because the change pocket is a snap closure and not a zip closure.

    Good luck with finding a wallet!
  4. How about the Tresor wallet or Zippy?
  5. I totally love the zippys!
  6. ZIPPY WALLET definitely... Try to get a GROOM one! They still have tons of stock where I live.
  7. Pochette wallet! I have it and love it!
  8. i have a mono pochette wallet and i highly recommend it!!! i believe it got updated this year and has 4 card pockets in the front. it keeps everything organized and i like that it has a big coin pocket too.
  9. i'd go with the french purse :smile:
  10. Pochette Wallet for me hands down. I have a Zippy and a snapped billfold with coin purse but the pochette is my favorite.It is so easy to get in and out of. Makes changing bags easy too because there are no loose reciepts or junk floating in my bag any more. Good luck.
  11. The zippy wallets are great.
  12. I love the zippy wallets
  13. I have the koala in red epi. I really like it. It's small enough to fit in one of my smaller Chanel bags, but big enough to use daily. It has ample credit card slots and an ID window. The currency section is kind of funny, though. It has an open end on it and I suppose it was designed for any type of currency. I like it. It is large enough to accommodate a sheet of paper folded in thirds (like a letter) and it is still secure enough not to lose cash out of.
    I like it, but I know you aren't crazy about it. I just wanted to add my opinion.
  14. I have the french purse with 8 cc slots and I adore it, the brass kiss closure is so stunning IMO.
  15. I have the mono zippy wallet and love it!!!