What wallet looks good with Batignolles Horizontal?

  1. Hey all you LV experts!

    As mentioned in previous posts, I just got my first LV, a BH. I :heart: it!

    Now I need a wallet.

    I like the Zippy so I can get Mono Zippy. But is this too matchy-matchy with a Mono bag? The other Zippy choices are Vernis (I think the flamboise would look great with the brown but heard Vernis is not very durable) or the Mini Lin.

    I also thought the MC white wallets would look good, but there is no Zippy so I would have to get a different style.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :flowers:
  2. I love mono with mono but you can mix and match as well!?! It's all good!
  3. ^agree love mono with mono, although I think any one will look good. Get the zippy if you really love it.
  4. Are u the sort who like your accessories n purse to match, if yes, then go ahead with the mono zippy...or a slight variation would be the groom zippy...the only issue with Vernis may be the color transfer but someone else may be able to advise u on this 'cos I don't have a vernis wallet....but yeah, I agree the framboise (or maybe perle) would look good with the mono. If u like bigger wallets and in MC, u could consider the French Purse...very pretty too...
  5. I use my Panda billfold.
  6. My Mom uses her Mono Zippy and has her Groom Ronde hanging on the outside.
  7. Zippy would be nice...any... I luv Vernis, but it had to be babied my corners were dirty from rubbing inside my mono speedy canvas.
  8. zippy is nice. how about in damier or vernis.

    the PTI is also a good choice..........or even the portefeuille accordeon....
  9. i like the Porte-Tresor International wallet, and the Koala wallet :love:
  10. I just ordered a monogram wallet because I wanted something that I know will be sturdy for inside my bags. I ordered both a Porte-Tresor International wallet and the Portefeuille Accordeon wallet from e-lux. I'll send one of them back when I figure out which one works for me!
  11. I have the mono zip....mine is vintage and I love it w/ the BH. Easy access...not too big...:flowers: Let us know...:yes:
  12. That sounds sooo cute!
  13. Thanks for letting me know, that is what I was afraid of with Vernis. I need something very practical, especially with two little boys!
  14. Thanks for all of the wonderful replies, they are very helpful.

    At this point I am leaning towards the Mono Zippy.

    I just realized though that I made a big mistake when looking on eluxury. I was accidentally going to buy the Mono Zippy Purse (under small leather goods) for $465. I didn't realize there was a Mono Zippy Wallet on one of the last pages for $585. Looks like I will be spending more money than I thought. :crybaby:The wallet has more pockets than the purse does.

    I know eventually I will have to buy something in the MC White. I don't know why but it just makes me happy to look at! It is so cheerful looking. :P
  15. mono groom w/ red