What wallet is in your bag?

  1. I am currently using a coach mini key purse for school (because it's small and wont take up space in my already packed backpack) and a Vivienne Westwood Argyle Tartan wallet on other occasions :amuse:
  2. I am currently carrying the LV cerises long wallet thats zips around. I love it! It's a wallet and small clutch in one!
  3. I'm presently using a Coach wallet that I got 2 yrs ago. It's like a wristlet but it's their biggest size I seen so far and I've been loving it!!!
  4. I use the LV Koala wallet and I love it!! It has 9 credit card slots and ample room for coins in a zip-up pocket in the back, plus the gold clasp (supposedly it looks like a koala's nose, hence the name) is really cute.
  5. so THAT's why they call it koala...too cute!
  6. Dior Paris 50s saddle wallet :biggrin:
  7. I love your keroppi wallet!! I would totally still use that even though i am carrying other brand handbag, to show that i am a fun and young person at heart :lol:
  8. Oddly enough i am very cheap when it comes to wallets and very rarely splurge. it does not make sense when i compare it to how much i spend on bags.

    I have a LV multicolor wallet that i paid nearly $600 for but i have basically run that into the ground (the white gets dirty very easily) and it was the first (and last) wallet that i spent that much on.

    I just bought an LV checkbook holder after agonizing over whether i really needed to spend $200 on something just to cover my check. Thats what I'm carrying now. I keep my change, bills and credit cards in a black leather Kenneth Cole wallet that didnt cost me more than 60 bucks.

    How many others are cheap like me when it comes to wallets but will drop a load of $$ in a minute on a handbag? It does not make sense but i know there are many of us out there :shame:
  9. I dont spend a lot on wallets... :sad2:
  10. Goodie! It's nice to know you and Iluvbags feel the same way I do about not wanting to spend too much on wallets.:biggrin:
  11. what would you guys use as a wallet with the paddignton?
  12. Thanks :biggrin: I've been through three Sanrio wallets over the last few years. It started with a red vinyl Hello Kitty wallet, then a vinyl Deery Lou one (which was my favorite) and currently Keroppi. I love Sanrio :love: I used to collect the tin lunchboxes with the characters on them.
  13. I have a cheap $10-$20 OU wallet that was bought from my school bookstore (they sell lots of stuff like that as well as textbooks). Funner to show school spirit that's for sure. **is all warm in her OU hoodie** BOOMER SOONER! Wooo!
  14. I refuse to spend $$ on a wallet. A Neimans SA tried to get me to buy a $500 Balenciaga wallet for my bag and I said no...especially since the wallet was black and my B-bag is red.

    I use the LV Damier wallet that came with my Marais bucket bag. I also have the Damier agenda and cosmetic bag. These are my three key pieces that I MUST have when I swap bags.
  15. I use a LV planner for CCs and ID, and a small zip Marc Jacobs wallet (until it was stolen) for cash and coins. Must find a replacement wallet soon.