What wallet is in your bag?

  1. Right now I'm using a mint green Magic Wallet from J.Crew. I'm surprised by how much I love it!
  2. prada saffiano!
  3. LV Damier Ebene Continential Wallet
  4. I've a Black Prada Saffiano Lux Tote, and the saffiano leather is super nice. I have it with a Prada Saffiano Wallet also in Black and a my trusty Moleskine cover is also dressed up with a Noir Moleskine Cover by Bespoke Goods with is also a Saffiano Leather.
  5. chanel snap closure/zip coin wallet
  6. MK Vanilla Zip-Around :smile:
  7. Prada Saffiano Oro in caramel. I love this wallet!!!
  8. CAROLINA HERRERA (RED) ... I love to see red color stuff inside my handbag.
  9. i'm currently using a pink kate spade wallet..it has the polka dot pattern in it.. i forgot the name of the style...
    i'm thinking of buying a new leather one..but still searching for the right one lol...
  10. Somerset by Mulberry is my all time fav (sorry don't have photo on its own) will have to take some, its a great zip around Wallet/purse, and hold loads. :love:

  11. A Delveaux. I love it!
  12. Using my gold coach demi clutch
  13. Dark Violet Balenciaga
  14. Im currently using Gucci :smile:
  15. right now it's my Balenciaga black RH Life wallet