What wallet is in your bag?

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  1. So in the other thread about wallets, I had mentioned that I recently bought a IF whipflash wallet. Right now I am loving it but I am curious to know what wallet everyone else is using? I want to purchase another versatile wallet but don't know what?
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  2. i'm using a pretty beat up coach card case, i've been wanting to buy a new wallet myself, anyone have any good ones out there they want to share with the rest of us? i mainly carry cards, i hate coins, and cash. i kind of liked a paul smith wallet, but couldn't decide if i really wanted enough though. suggestions?

  3. For every bag I buy I buy the wallet to match at that time. It saves me trouble in the long run because I never have to worry what wallet goes with what, it makes things easier.
  4. I found this paul smith wallet that I like. It is pretty different and holds 10cc. I hold a lot of cards too!
  5. that wallet is really cool ^^^^....I have a fendi zucca wallet that i am absolutelty in love with..lots of room for papers and all that junk that ends up in my wallet somehow...the only bad thing is it only has 6 credit card slots...and its getting kinda dirty...so i guess im also in the market for a new one
  6. That is very cool. I have a Paul Smith wallet that I carry that I adore.
  7. For me its any card case and any wristlet. I am a throw and go girl. It annoys me to have to put the cards or cash in a certain place after I have purchased something. LV, Coach, and Marc Jacobs are my favorites.
  8. Love my LV multicolor wallet, I need color in my bag to locate the wallet!!! Love my pen that goes with it. Holds everything I need.

    Can you all tell that I love my new camera too?:shame:
  9. Oopsie, forgot to attach the pictures...

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  10. I have an LV monogram wallet. It's been with me for quite sometime now ;)
  11. i have a brown fendi zucca wallet and adore it. it took me forever to find one i loved, i hate to fold my money so i had to have a full-sized one, but i didn't want a tri-fold because that encourages me to keep all kinds of useless crap in it. it's a full-size bi-fold that still has room for a checkbook - i have found the promised land, and it is my wallet.

    plus it's held up great, even though i got a junior mint stuck to it (don't ask)
  12. I have a Sanrio Keroppi wallet (see photo below) that my bf gave me some time ago. It went well with my Dickies and Volcom bags, but now that I've uh, moved on in the bag world :P , I asked him for an LV Monogram Ludlow wallet for Christmas - I think he was relieved I didn't say jewelry when he asked me what I wanted!

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  13. My everyday wallet is a leather zip around wallet from Wilsons Leather (see stock photo below).
    I love zip around wallets, but I can never find a designer one that truly fits my needs. I have seen some with not enough pockets for receipts, no space for a checkbook, and not enough spaces for my credit cards.

    I love the leather from COACH and wonder if they do custom-made orders.

    Anyway, the only one that comes the closest is this Louis Vuitton wallet (see stock photo below)...but I go into shock when I see the $585 price tag. Yes, I can justify buying a $1,000 bag...but not a $500 wallet. :wacko: This woman has to know her limits, you know. ;)
  14. im currently using a slim white leather coach wallet/clutch