What wallet for hubby?

  1. He wants a black leather wallet to wear in his back pocket - I want to treat him to an LV. Any suggestions?
  2. I love the Taiga but love the Nomade although I am concerned that the Nomade will scratch easily.
  3. Me too, I think the Nomade is gorgeous, but will it get ruined? He's just going to shove it in his back pocket and not be careful with it, I know. :rolleyes:
  4. then i'd definitely go w/Taiga, black epi or look around eBay for mat/glace wallets. good luck! :flowers:
  5. Taiga wallet
  6. definitely taiga
  7. Like they said :yes: Taiga
  8. My hubby wanted an nice black LV wallet, as well.

    So I took him to elux and told him to look around and see which one he liked the most.

    He end up choosing the Taiga Billfold with Nine Credit Card Slots in the color Slate (which is black). The price for this wallet is $335.

    Here are two pictures (that I took from elux) of the wallet that he wanted.

    Hope this helps to give you some kind of idea for your hubby. :love:


  9. Much men will love Taiga and Black Epi but my bf also love Damier. Some of them hate mono
  10. Taiga!!!! :d
  11. Black Epi Billfold!!!

  12. mat/glace would be awesome!
    i suggest you scout around for one of them, or get a tiaga.
  13. My dad alternates between a mono billfold and a Taiga billfold.
    I tried to get my bf one but he doesn't want one lol.
  14. I just got my hubby a taiga - smaller that the one pictured above. He loves the understated look and I think it will get softer with time.