What wallet do you use?

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  1. Hey ladies, I am looking for a new wallet since I am getting tired of my current wallet which is a MBMJ Wingman in leather. I do love the layout but, it's just too heavy in the leather with all the hardware so I am looking for a new wallet to go with my near future Rockie. Any suggestions for a new wallet and also what wallet do you ladies carry in your AW's?
  2. I've been using this Tory Burch wristlet in black as a wallet. I love that I can just use it as a small clutch if I need to and my phone fits inside. I've got a thing for perforated leather right now haha.
  3. I've got the AW prisma biker wallet in grey/rose gold. I love it! It's got 3 compartments and it's a little larger (fits a passport) so it's a bit heavier. But it keeps me very organized and I always get a ton of compliments when I pull it out. :smile:
  4. Thank you both for the recommendations I will check them both out. I have also been looking at the Fumo but, I am not too crazy about the layout.
  5. Check out my youtube. I just did a review on a few alexander wang wallets if your interested =D

  6. I have the quillon compact wallet and I really like it. I thought it might be user-unfriendly when I bought it and I'm used to carrying long wallets but I love how the zippers on the side compress the cash, etc. and save me a lot of space. That could come in handy in the Rockie.

    I have it in the glossy black leather and it is pretty durable, too. I just saw it on sale on the Last Call site for $87.75 if you're interested

  7. Will do thanks I love YouTube videos.

  8. Thanks, I will check it out.
  9. I recently ordered the Prisma Skeletal Biker Purse with Heavy Cracked Black leather and LOVE it. I am normally a long wallet kind of girl because I tend to carry quite a bit, and was a little nervous it would be too small. The size is perfection!


    Looks great paired with my 3.1 Phillip Lim Medium Pashli in cracked leather ;)

  10. Yes! The prisma biker is the best. I have the calf hair one and it is perfect. About 8 card slots, zipper pouch, accordion style pockets and a passport holder on the underside if the flap.
  11. I LOVE my Prisma Biker Wallet, it holds a lot more than you'd think and the design is really sleek and simple.

  12. I have also been contemplating purchasing the same wallet in calf hair, but am worried about shedding. Have you have any issues with yours? I found one for a decent price online but wasn't sure about pulling the trigger just yet. I love this wallet but I know the smooth leather version scratches easily so I am exploring other options, lol.
  13. Oh yeah, it sheds but not too bad. Mine was used and has a few bald spots. Feels paper-y when it goes bald, but keeps the color of the original hair. I would rec the smooth leather. Either way the wallet will eventually look worn. If the calf is a better deal than a smooth leather, id go for it. But not if you want to baby it!
    hope that helps!
  14. My wallet is a Prada continental zip around wallet, but I would LOVE a Balenciaga wallet. :heart:
  15. Ooh I love it!