What wallet do you use?

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  1. So, I was wondering if most people have one wallet that they use with all their bags or matching wallets for each bag? Also, do you use an H wallet? If so, which one and what color is it? For me, I'm having a hard time finding one that matches everything. Right now, I'm using a black LV multicolore which seems to work, but would like to invest in an H wallet soon.
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    Last edited: Oct 6, 2010
    I use a chevre bougainvillea kelly wallet. I've used it almost everyday since the end of last year. Holding up great, still looks brand spanking new.
    I also have a rouge H bearn in box I use occasionally.
  3. I have a Kelly wallet, which I LOVE except for the fact that is causes dents on my SLGs and inside of my bags from the lock.
  4. I have a bit of a wallet addiction from all designers...lol (have had this problem since I was a child)

    Out of the H wallets, I personally love the Kelly Long wallet the most. I have been using a Karung BV wallet daily for the last six months though because it has the same functionality as the Kelly Long without all of the hassle of the straps and closure..

    For very small wallets (for an evening out), I like the Thill or Bearn cases.

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  5. Bearn Wallet.
  6. never really liked H wallets until one day saw a Bearn violet lizard and that was that, love everything about it, used it everyday since may, love seeing the colour each time i use it and it hold everything i need
  7. kelly long wallet is my favourite
  8. Bougainvillea Bearn Tri-fold ( Mysore). Waiting and trying to find a red Kelly Long wallet that sings to me :graucho:

    Saw a Tyrien in bearn ( Mysore leather) yesterday, if you like pink, worth checking it out.......

    Good luck HLUV
  9. I am using Dogon right now at the moment. I also love Bearn wallet. Kelly wallet is very pretty, but bit to hassel to use & causes dents on other things inside of bag because of the turn lock closure.
  10. I have bearn, dogon and Kelly wallets. I find I use the Bearn wallets most. I just love how easy they are to use and I can get everything I want in it. I do like my Kelly wallet but I get fed up with the straps and fastening after awhile
  11. I use the Thill wallet.
  12. I'm using my Rose Shocking compact Bearn wallet at the moment. LOVE IT!
  13. I use a bearn wallet. I have a black one in chevre and a blue roi ostrich. They seem to go with all my bags and are very easy to use. Of course, I don't think I've ever seen an Hermes wallet that wasn't beautiful!
  14. I use the Euclide card case as a mini-wallet when I don't need to carry much. Other than that I have several full-size wallets, none of which are H.
  15. I use an Orange Dogon Combined. I have had it for about three years. I thought it was a silly thing, until DH convinced me that it was a really clever idea. And, he was correct. I was considering upgrading to a Kelly wallet, because the Dogon needed to go to the spa. But, it is so expensive and I really love LV wallets in epi leather, so I bought a Sarah wallet in cassis with a beautiful contrasting berry pink color. It's a great wallet (and value) and goes very well with my rose shocking vision.