What wallet do you like best w/ black epi noe?

  1. Just bought a black epi petit noe and now I am in need of a wallet to go with it! What wallet do you like best with this bag? Is it even remotely possible to find one wallet that would coordinate with both black epi and mono canvas? Thanks!!!
  2. How about epi red or vernis pomme? i think it would look lovely with both!
  3. I think a red vernis or a MC either in black or white would look good with epi.
  4. epi black koala.. :smile:
  5. Vernis pomme zippy
  6. depends on what else you have....so much would work....

    Current stuff
    vernis: framboise, red, pomme, perle
    Epi: red, black, mandarin (if you can still find) coming soom ivorie
    MC: black
  7. Mmmmm, yes, I was leaning toward something red, to spice up my very conservative collection...:graucho:
  8. :drool::drool:
  9. Definitely either the PTI or the Zippy in the Pomme d'Amour. :graucho:

    Have you decided?
  10. Leaning toward PTI, as the Zippy seems like it would be a pain to have to unzip all of time. However, I'm not sure about the inside pocket on the PTI. Someone here posted that she didn't like to put change in there because it rattled around too much... Isn't there something similar to the PTI but with a zipper for the change pocket inside? (This is why it takes me so long to make any purchases - I agonize over every little detail!)
  11. Something colourful! Vernis would be great, the zippered one is beautiful.
  12. how bout the pochette in pomme d' amour then--zip pocket for change....
  13. The pochette wallet is almost it, but I don't think it would hold enough all my credit cards, library cards, insurance cards, warehouse membership cards, etc.

    I thought for a moment I was imagining this wallet, but then I found it on the LV website: What I need is called a "passport organizer." But I don't think they make it in any vibrant colors like pomme, just monogram...:crybaby:
  14. Vernis pom would look great with the noe!