what wallet do you carry in your bbags?

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  1. Does anyone have a Balenciaga wallet (to match their b-bag?). Just wondering. They're so expensive - I figure I could just get another bag with that money.:P I think it would be neat to have one though!
  2. i don't have b wallet. actually i don't like balenciaga style in wallet.
    i like my wallet in LV MC line.
  3. i think a b bag with matching wallet and boobie is sooo cute! but no, i dont' own a wallet and i too rather buy a bag with that money!
  4. I just won the compagnon (large zip-around wallet) on ebay in Sky Blue! It retails for $525 but since it was used a few times I paid $400. I'm very excited and will post pics when I get it!!
  5. No I don't, I have a Marc Jacobs zip clutch that I adore but I do want a balenciaga coin purse.
  6. I already have an LV Black Epi wallet, and so are my Agenda, keyholder coin purse etc...
    I love them :love: !!!
    And that way I'm saving monney for other Bbag :P !!
  7. I have a grey compagnon and also a grey day. I didn't deliberately buy them to match but really love the colour. The grey compagnon is neutral enough to go with all my b/bags.
  8. I really love the LV MC wallets I've seen many Pfers carry in their Bbags. I'm going to look into getting one tomorrow! Love how it has so many different colors(33 different ones, right?) so it will match every bbag! lol!:yahoo:
  9. I don't have a Balenciaga wallet yet but planning on getting a coin purse soon!
  10. hmmm not really into the whole matching thing all my accessories are lv cuz they are less trendy i just buy in fun colors... wallet is fuschia lv vernis, keyholder/card case is lv vernis is white also have lv epi wallet in mandarin and keyholder/card case in red...
  11. beaux, i do have a bordeaux compagnon, which i bought together with my bordeax twiggy last year. but i don't think the wallet necessarily has to match the bag. i just loved bordeaux so much when it first came out (and still now)... i had to have the wallet too.:girlsigh:
  12. I got one in grey and I love it...lol:graucho:
  13. I also saw it in red and wished I got that one instead.
  14. I saw one in grenat and I really liked it but it was too similar to my Gaucho wallet. I ctually sold all my matching wallets because I ended up just using the same and I can't be bothered to switch all my stuff everytime.
  15. Thanks for the info. I'm thinking of getting a black Chanel wallet instead. I figure it's classic and will go with ALL my b-bags (all 3 of them - haha!)