What wallet do you adorn your H bag with?

  1. Do you match it with an H wallet or have you found another brand worthy of your beloved H bag? :idea:

    I am alternating between my Bottega Veneta and LV vernis wallets at the mo, but I feel like my beloved Birkin and Evelyn deserve a treat!
  2. currently, i'm using a chanel french wallet. i'm planning on getting a bearn for my h bags. i love matching wallets with bags so i think my h bags deserve an h wallet!!!
  3. I got the large Dogon combined wallet for my Evelyne. The bag is chocolat and I got vert anis with the dark brown-ish stitching. I really love that wallet! When I get a Kelly in the spring I will likely get gold... now I'm worried that the green wallet won't go with it!!

    I ended up getting all H items for the inside of my bag. Nothing else seemed like it would do!! Here's a great thread of what people are carrying inside their H bags:

  4. I used my Bearn in turquoise chevre mysore or my Dogon in raisin togo. It really depends on the size of the bag and what I'll need in it. The Dogon I use for quick errands and excursions.
  5. I have a rose shocking chevre bearn and love it! It's perfect...I must admit I pretty much need to have a wallet in the same family as my bags...
  6. Black bearn bi fold to go with black box kelly
    Also Cartier Black purse.
    Orange Bearn bi fold to go with Ostrich Kelly ( well it used to)
    Chanel purse to go with jige

    Am smiling here I think Hermes bond/sloane street might be seeing this member again very very soon.

  7. I don't have an H wallet yet, as I have gotten so used to my Lambertson Truex wallet. But I'd love one, eventually, just taking my time thinking about it.
    I really love ostrich Bearn wallets, but I prefer a tri-fold so I think I'm stuck with non-exotics.
  8. eb - I use a chevre mysore etoupe Bearn (regular)...I swapped from my OLD LV wallet when I was in NY earlier this year, and have NEVER looked back! You'll LOVE an H wallet!!!!
  9. Hermes Rose Shocking Azap Combined Wallet - love, love, love it.
  10. Currently LV mono French wallet but I really want the H wallet though.
  11. I use a Cartier wallet DH got me for last year's b-day, and I'm pretty sure I'll use it until it's worn out. At the same time, I have a feeling I'll slowly replace all the other stuff in my bag with H;). I love Sus' avatar photo!
  12. Either the Hermes Violet Chevre Bearn Bi-fold or Rose Shocking Vertical Azap.
  13. I've yet to own an Hermes wallet so I am using my LV mono pochette wallet for now. I'd like to get a Bearn wallet one of these days.
  14. Blue Jean Togo Dogon. LOVE it!!

    Autheniclux - Dogon on Raisin TOGO!!! OMG...I'd love a Raisin Dogon.
  15. I use a cigarette case. I never carry cash or a checkbook.
    I've used it since '96. 12 years and still in pretty good shape.
    My DH wants me to get a conventional wallet but I'm not budging...its my wallet after all!