What wallet are you guys (LV fans) using now?

  1. ;) What type, style, collection of your wallet?
  2. Mono PTI, love it.
  3. i only have one...damier azur french purse and i love it :yahoo:
  4. Mono pochette wallet. The thing has my life in it and then some!:nuts:
  5. Mono PTI, I love it!
  6. Mono zippy organizer:smile: .
  7. Mono zippy wallet (not the organizer)
  8. Pochette Wallet in Pomme d'Amour!! I love it!
  9. i dont have wallet, my my favorite ones are

    koala (black mc)
    mono zippy
    verins zippy
    vernis french purse
  10. Another Mono zippy wallet here tooooo....love the wallet!!!
  11. I believe that i only need ONE wallet, and then have all the bags in the world.

    My aunt got me the MC PTI, that has my whole life in there haha.
  12. ^ but before, i had the zippy organizer which is nice too, but i find it too bulky and structured looking, so its in my closet now :smile:

  13. Same with you and I like Vernis French purse too or Damier Azur Koala wallet.
  14. Mono PTI
  15. i've been using the same Taiga porte-valeurs cc (the long wallet) everyday for over 6 years now and i don't think i'll be replacing it anytime soon :yes: