What wallet are you currently using/yearning for fall?

  1. New bags..and new wallets?
    What are you carrying your cash in for fall?

    Include picts if you could!:flowers:
  2. Im using my very favorite wallet! My LV Cerises long zip around wallet.
  3. I'm trying to retrain myself for traveling lightly, so I'm going to be using my new MJ key pouch. I don't like carrying cash, just CCs, so hopefully it should work out!
    mj skinnny.jpg
  4. Using: M by Marc Jacobs

    Want: Bottega Veneta
  5. Just picked up the LV pochette wallet today!
  6. Im using my new LV Groom poch. wallet!!!!

  7. I am using my Marc Jacobs Emerald Zip Clutch!
    CIMG8114.JPG CIMG8117.JPG
  8. I would really like to have this Coach Legacy wallet... I love the colors of it!
  9. Carrying: LV mono koala
    Have: several Betsey Johnson wallets, several Coach wallets
    Want: Coach legacy zebra framed french purse!
  10. My Chanel quilted lambskin long wallet:love:
    p1.jpg p2.jpg
  11. I just had to splurge on the Coach Legacy Striped Accessories, including that wallet above! The SA was right, I want to eat it like candy!
  12. i want a Hermes Bearn wallet in potiron...

    but guess i have to wait until i get my Bolide or Birkin

    for now im using my Epi pti........im saddened...
  13. I'm getting a YSL black muse wallet to match my bag. Will post pictures when I get it next week.
  14. I am currently using this black coach wallet. It makes my life easier and keeps me from getting more credit cards. However Im thinking of getting a LV wallet or maybe a coach checkbook wallet.
  15. I'm currently using my LV French mono purse and I want a quilted lambskin wallet just like Rose's.