what wallet are you carrying?!

  1. more specifically... what wallet do you use with your carly?! ... i recently bought the large black sig carly and i'm trying to decide which wallet i want to get (probably wont get it until around xmas) any thoughts (and pictures!!!) would be great!! :tup:
  2. I have the med choc carly and I'm thinking of getting the bleecker compact clutch (if I get a PCE invite, that is)!!
  3. i have two large carly's and i use a LV brazza wallet in both bags...i rarely switch wallets.
  4. I carry the large Carly in black leather and signature and I am currently carrying a Vera Bradley zip around wallet in the new Kensington pattern. The Vera Bradley wallet is light and it carries a ton. It is rediculous the amount of stuff I have in it. :smile:
  5. I'm alternating between my legacy stripe and chili leather french purses.
  6. I looped an old khaki patchwork wristlet through one of the loops and it's got lavender suede, python, white patent, gold patent, and different signature patterns. It looks great with the khaki signature and the leather trim on both is saddle. I get a lot of compliments. So I would find something with a similar yet different print or a plain leather. Since yours is black a black leather would do nicely, but I don't really use a wallet anymore so I'd get a black leather wristlet and a mini skinny :smile::smile::smile:
  7. I plan on getting the top handle pouch Carly in chocolate and getting the magenta patent leather mini skinny. I love the color combo ever since I saw the skinny on a chocolate ergo in the Coach catalog.
  8. I thought long and hard about a wallet to carry with my khaki/black carly. I looked at just about every wallet in the store and went with the bleecker checkbook wallet in black leather. I LOVE this wallet! If I could have fit all of my stuff in it I probably would have gone with the compact clutch because it looked great also but it was just too tight a fit.
  9. I have the Chelsea Leather Multifunction wallet in Parchment. I like that the off-white goes with practically anything...and the leather is AMAZING!
  10. This is one of my very loved Coach wallets. I think it would go so good with your Carly!
    Ebay Pics 490.jpg
  11. I'm using a MJ by MJ Black Turnlock wallet with my Black Leather Carly...matches really well!

  12. I have that same wallet and I use it with my large black signature Carly. It is a perfect match, even down to the gold hardware.
  13. I use a Vera Bradley zip-around wallet, too! Classic black is my favorite for going between brown, black, and red bags. I hate to change wallets, and they're affordable (I can be a little rough on them). Very handy. Vera cosmetic bags are excellent as well. You can dump them from one bag to the next and still be organized.
  14. I am carrying a legacy compact clutch wallet which matches PERFECTLY w/ my chocolate signature Ergo hobo: