What Vuitton item would you do bad things for ?

  1. What Vuitton item would you do bad things for


    as everyone probably knows, mine is the

  2. Um..
    Gold Le Fab
    Silver Le Fab
    Red/Cream CB Pap
    Trompe L'oeil pochette
  3. I did it already...but next one will be the Damier sporty.
    I want to get it on my b-day on July, so you know ask for it as a b-day gift. :graucho:
  4. The conte de fees beggars bag. Seriously, I could give away organs for that or ... yeah, just go reeeeally far:love: I'm planning on setting up a savings fund so that I'm prepared if it ever pops up on eBay, though :angel:
  5. Gold Miroir Speedy...
    The Theda with Gold on it...
    A white Le Fab........ Mmmmmm.
  6. The suhali L'Épanoui GM :drool:.
  7. Yea! A Suhali bag!! But, um, I kinda do bad things already for bags!! Ha ha, but only with my hubby!!! hee hee
  8. multicolor speedy!
  9. I don't do BAD things:nuts: I am thinking floral keepall, soana PM, Suhali Black Lockit GM:love:
  10. [​IMG]
    :drool::love:except i like the light pink/peach color, not the white.
  11. the turquoise ostrich theda from 2004! just let me know what I have to do and when lol :yahoo:
  12. Wow that is pretty! what is it's name?
  13. A brand spankin' new Graffiti Speedy in Khaki Green ! :nuts: OMG, now everyone know my greatest weakness! LoL

    Also, the future Miroir Lockit! Yikes - I'd do sooooo much just to get that bag! I'm gonna put my name down the minute it's possible :yes:
  14. Gold Miroir Speedy!:love:

    Just tell me what to do and I'll do it! :p
  15. One of the Cloud runway bags from this year. I'm obsessed!
    Or a Suhahli Lockit PM in white :love: