What VCA to get from Paris?

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  1. My husband is going to Paris this weekend. Wonder what piece that is limited edition or much better in price than US there he should get. I know they have paris exclusive blue porcelain, but read here it kinda looks dark indoor, so not sure about it.

    Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks ladies
  2. Get the porcelain if you love it.
    I believe it's the only current exclusive.
    Have a wonderful trip!🌸
  3. I haven't checked European prices recently, but when I was in Paris last Fall there really wasn't a big savings buying VCA in Europe (unlike Louis Vuitton, Hermes goods).

    I looked at buying a couple pieces -- the pave butterfly earrings, the pave Magic pendant -- and after detaxe the savings would have been roughly about the amount of US sales tax. That indeed is a savings but I had expected it to be much more and was surprised.
  4. Now the savings are practically non-existent buying in Europe since the recent price increase :graucho:
  5. Thank you so much ladies for chiming in! In this case I will probably get the blue porcelain pendant, but worried they might offer that for the coming holiday pendant. Last year was pink, quite possible they will do blue sometime down the road? I really like the holiday pendant with a diamond in it. Oh well will see. If I get one, I will post a pic here!
  6. I think others have said that they have heard this year's holiday pendant will be onyx with PG.
    Hope your DH gets you something you love!
  7. I vote for the LE blue porcelain. It's always special to have a unique piece to remind you of the special visit or event.
  8. +1

    I think that LE blue porcelain is gorgeous!
  9. Is the Blue porcelain pendant always available at the Paris boutique. I have always wondered that. I am thinking of going next spring.

  10. Great choice, the pendant is so special[emoji170]
  11. I have to agree that the blue porcelain is special. My SA said they are getting limited pieces in the boutique. When I visited they only had one pendant in stock.
  12. Any update on what your husband picked up for you?
  13. I would have snatched that porcelain piece!
  14. And, did your husband come back with something VCA :graucho:?
  15. Hi ladies! Yes my husband is back but I told him not to get it last minute... he told me it kinda looks dark indoor so I wasn't sure. Plus he already got me other goodies from Chanel! I was happy about that! Oh I will have to wait to see what holiday pendant this year will be
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