What US brand handbags that are value for money?

  1. Hi all,
    I'm just so excited to join this forum. First, I must declare that I'm totally new at this forum although I've read a few interesting article in purseblog.com. Hence, I need everyone's advice and help.

    I'm from Singapore and I'm going to America, Florida, Olando (Disney) for the very first time in my life this coming Dec! I've never been to America before and I've never bought any branded handbags. Hence, I'm totally totally excited!:nuts: I'm also going to buy my first Coach and LV bag there!

    I've known about these two brands for many years but have never been able to afford to get them. Since I'm going to America, I'm going to buy my first Coach and LV bag there!

    I'm only familiar with Coach and I know that it's cheaper to buy Coach in US than in Singapore. Can someone help me by giving me a list of American designer brand for handbags, especially those with designs that you love and which you feel are value for money. If you can include suggested bag for each brand and price range, that would be great.

    Thanks a million in advance for your advice!:smile:
  2. I think Coach is the best American brand for the money. LV can be bought worldwide so you might want to check pricing on that one.
  3. Is Cole Haan American? At any rate, they use wonderful leather and are definitely best value for the money.
  4. I just remembered Michael Kors has some great leather bags too.
  5. I love Coach's leather--it's really wonderful--and I'd also recommend Fossil. They have many gorgeous leather bags and are a great value for the price. I often get compliments when I carry mine. Have fun shopping!
  6. I second Cole Haan bags! :smile: Something from the Village collection would be a nice purchase while here. I am in love with the Ruched Satchel from the Cole Haan Village Collection! :smile:
  7. Gryson and Anna Corinna (also called Foley and Corinna) are two great US brands. High quality and very good looking!
  8. I know that Dooney & Bourke may not be that highly thought
    of around here . . . but in European circles it is thought to be quite desireable? (VERY American?)
  9. There are also Brighton and Brahmin, very preppy type bags and nicely made. Agree, check out Fossil! Oh, Kate Spade, I love them.

    You ARE going to an outlet mall to shop, right? I haven't been to Orlando but am sure there are great outlets there. Most brands already listed have outlet stores somewhere in the US.
  10. Botkier, Rebecca Minkoff. Hayden Harnett, Marc Jacobs are much cheaper in the US than e.g. in Europe.
    A Botkier Sasha duffle costs 750€ in Europe but you can get it for a bit more than 500$ when you buy online and use a code which you'll find in the "Deals and Steals" section. My hubby travels twice a year to the US and he always has to bring back a bag for me which are much more expensive or aren't available here.
  11. Thanks, I love the leather items from Fossil too! Thanks!
  12. Thanks! I'll take note of that brands when I'm in Orlando.
  13. Thanks! I'll keep a lookout for these brands when I'm in Orlando.
  14. Thanks! I've heard of this brand. I'll keep a lookout for it when I'm in Orlando.
  15. Thanks! Kate Spade is a very popular brand with the young and hip in Singapore. I'll keep a lookout for these brands when I'm in Orlando.