What? U Mean U Dont Know Who Jc Is?

  1. So my bf is in TX - he called a few mins ago just to let me know that he saw some girl at the Olive Garden and she was wearing I quote his words "just a LV bag" and his cousins were dying in envy, so he tells them, Oh I wish my girlfriend was here with her JC bag.... so his cousins were like who is JC? is it really expensive?.... can you believe this my bf knows more about designers then a girl....... how is this possible? .... people that dont know JC bags/shoes.. i mean come on dint you watched Sex & the City?...... :confused1:
  2. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    That is too funny, but VERY sweet :tender:that BF knows (and cares) about your bags and has to explain who JC is to his cousins.

    Keep him and just keep him educated in the finer things in life:heart:
  3. ^^^I sure will .... is kinda scary though .... cuz hes been doing that lately..... critized other girls bags.... lol .... is cute....
  4. I know what you mean, today we were walking out of a movie and right in front of us was a lady carrying a Burgundy Ramona w/watersnake trim and my DD & DH both nudged me and said "That one looks real, is it?"
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao: yeap
  6. I never watched Sex and the City but somehow I know who Jimmy Choo is. I think a lot of people probably don't though. That's so cute that your bf does.
  7. I love how our bf's learn from us :heart:
  8. last year i saw jc's bag in the shop and was thinking to get it. i was telling my girlfriend about it and she was like "huh never heard the brand before" -> i was soooo shock she didn't know and trying to explain to her who is jc :smile:. the funniest part was we know of this guy back in school who's english name is jimmy and chinese surname is choo :biggrin:. i wonder does my guy school friend know of the brand :p.
  9. Even the guys I work with know who Jimmy Choo is now, it's so cute! They are constantly asking me if my bags or shoes are Choos!
  10. Especially here in Scandinavia people don't really know JC is unless they have watched SATC. I hope I'll never need to cry "I lost my Choo"! :p

    My DH knows ALOT about designer handbags - I guess I have educated him. He can tell fake LVs and Guccis miles away and now he hears about JC all day long...

    I also told by boss a few days back how to recognise a fake Gucci! Fortunately fake JCs are not a problem here...